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The Preface. 

HE truly Reverend Doftor 
eight years Bifhop of Sodor 
and Man, was bleffed with the fpirit 
of prayer in a very uncommon mea- 
fure : of which his Sacra Privata, or 
Private Meditations and Prayers, are 
an eminent inftance. 

They have hitherto been locked 
up from the world in an expenfive 
book: and are mixed throughout 
with fo much meditation and prayer 
that can come properly from the 
clergy only, (to whom they are an 

vi The Preface. 

invaluable treafure) as to unfit them 
for general ufe. 

They are now prefented to the 
publick in a feparate volume ; fo 
that pious Chriftians may, at a rea- 
fonable expence, diftribute them 
among fuch people as either will not 
or cannot buy them ; and the peti 
tions peculiar to the clergy only are 
all thrown out. 

The pious reader will find thefe 
Meditations and Prayers too long, 
according to the prefent divifion of 
them, which there is no occafion to 
adhere to. He may take them up, 
and lay them down, at his own dif- 
cretion and convenience. It is re 
commended to him to go through 
them regularly, and to continue the 
ufe of them his whole life ; feleding 
fuch parts for more frequent medi- 

The Preface. 

tation as are beft adapted to his ne- 
ceffity and difpofition. 

As prayer is one of the moft im 
portant works a man can be engaged 
in, and few find themfelves able to 
difcharge it in the manner they wiih 
to do ; it is humbly hoped, that this 
book, if duly attended to as it de- 
ferves, may with God s affiftance 
teach them to pray ; may lead our 
thoughts to meditate on religious 
fubjedts, and habituate us to clothe 
our meditations in the language of 
decent, pious, and fervent prayer. 

That this valuable book may have 
this effect, is the intention and the 
earneft prayer of 




Devotion and Prayer. 

RUE Devotion confifts in 
having our hearts always 
devoted to God, as the fole 
Fountain of all Happinefs ; and who 
is ready to hear and help his other- 
wife helplefs, miferable creatures. 
It is to be attained, 
i/?. By earneft prayer. HE THAT 


2.dly. By poffeffing our hearts with 
a deep fenfe of our own mifery, our 

On Devotion 

wants, and danger : This is the grace 
of humility. 

^dly. By confidering God s good- 
nefs, power, and readinefs to help us : 
This is called faith in God. 

Lajlly ; By convincing our hearts 
of the vanity of every thing elfe to 
afford us any real help or comfort : 
This is to be effected \sy f elf-denial. 

Dyi?2g perfons are generally more 
devout than others, becaufe they 
then fee their own mifery, that no 
thing in this world can help them, 
and that God is their only refuge. 

We muft change our lives, if we 
defire to change our hearts. God 
will have no regard to the prayers of 
thofe who have none to his com 

The fpirit of God will not dwell 
in a divided heart. We cannot feel 

and Prayer. 

the pleafure of devotion, while the 
world is our delight. Not that all 
pleafures are criminal ; but the clofer 
union we have with the world, the 
lefs is our union with God. A 
Chriftian, therefore, who ftrives 
after devotion, fhould tafle fenfual 
pleafures very fparingly, fhould make 
neceffity, not bodily delight, his rule. 

In order to difpofe our hearts to 
devotion, THE ACTIVE LIFE to be 
preferred to the CONTEMPLATIVE. 

To be doing good to mankind, 
difpofes the foul moft powerfully to 
devotion. And indeed we are fur- 
rounded with motives of piety and 
devotion, if we would but mind 

The poor are defigned to excite 
our liberality ; the miferable y our 
pity ; the Jick, our cijjijiance ; the 

On Devotion 

ignorant, our inftruSlion ; thofe that 
are fallen, our helping hand. In thofe 
that are vain, we fee the vanity of 
this world. In thofe that are wicked, 
our own frailty. When we fee good 
men rewarded, it confirms our hope ; 
and when evil men are punifhed, it 
excites us to fear. 

He that would be devout, muft 
beware of indulging an habit of wan 
dering in prayer. It is a crime that 
will grow upon us, and will deprive 
us of the bleffings we pray for. 

Avoid, as much as may be, multi 
plicity of bujinefs : Neither the inno- 
cency nor the goodnefs of the em 
ployment will excufe us, if it poffefs 
our hearts when we are praying to 

When our Lord bids us TO TAKE 


and Prayer. 

he intended to hinder thofe cares and 
fears which are apt to diftraft our 
devotions, which are the more un- 
reafonable, becaufe they never can 
change the flate of things. 

Never be curious to know what 
paffes in the world, any further than 
duty obliges you ; it will only diftradt 
the mind when it mould be better 

Never intermit devotion, if you 
can help it ; you will return to your 
duty, like Sampfon when his locks 
were cut, weak and indifferent as 
other people of the world. 

The oftener we renew our inter- 
courfe with God, the greater will be 
our devotion. 

Frequent prayer, as it is an exer- 
cife of holy thoughts, is a moft na 
tural remedy againft the power of iin. 

On Devotion and Prayer. 

Importunity makes no change in 
God, but it creates in us fuch difpo- 
fitions as God thinks fit to reward. 

Make it a law to yourfelf to me 
ditate before you pray ; as alfo to 
make certain paufes, to fee whether 
your heart goes along with your lips. 

They whofe hearts defer e nothing, 
pray for nothing. 

Give me, O God, the Spirit of 
true devotion, fuch as may give life 
to all my prayers, fo that they may 
find acceptance in thy fight, for Jefus 
Chrift s fake ! Amen. 

Sacra Privata. 

Thou, when thou pray eft, enter into thy 
clofet, and when thou haft Jhut thy door, 
pray to thy Father which is in fecret ; 
and thy Father, which Jeeth in fecret, 
Jhall reward thee openly. 

OW good is God ! who will not 
only give us what we pray for, 
but will reward us for going to 
him, and laying our wants be 
fore him. 

May I always prefent myfelf before 
God with a firm faith and hope in his 
promifes and mercy ; with great rever 
ence to his infinite majefty ; with the 
humility of an offender ; and with a full 
purpofe of keeping all God s command 
ments ! 

May the thoughts of eternity quicken 


Mat. vi. 6. 


Sacra Privata. 

Mat. vii. 7. 

my devotions ; my wants make me earn- 
eft ; my backflidings make me perfe- 
vere ; and may I never wilfully give 
way to any diftra&ing thoughts. 

May I wait with patience, and leave it 
to Thee, my God and Father, how and 
when to grant my petitions. 

He that has learned to pray as he ought, 
has got thefecret of an holy life. 

It is of greater advantage to us than 
we imagine, that God does not grant our 
petitions immediately. We learn by that, 
that whereunto we have already attained, 
/ / was the gift of God. 

The beft way to prevent wandering in 
prayer is, not to let the mind wander too 
much at other times ; but to have God 
always in our minds in the whole courfe 
of our lives. The end of prayer is not 
to inform God, but to give man a fight 
of his own mifery ; to raife his foul to 
wards heaven, and to put him in mind 
that there is his Father and his inherit 


y and it fliall be given you. Grant 
me, Lord, a faith which {hall make me 

Sacra Privata. 

know my wants, that I may afk them 
with earneflnefs and humility, and depend 
upon thy gracious promife. 


Duties of a Chriftian. 

THAT man leads a fincere Chriftian 

17?. Who endeavours to ferve and obey 
God to the beft of his underftanding and 

idly. Who ftrives to pleafe his neigh 
bour to edification. 

^dly. Who endeavours to do his duty 
in that ftate of life unto which it has 
pleafed God to call him. 

Whoever would continue in the prac 
tice of thefe things unto his life s end, it 
is necefTary that he fhould call himfelf 
often to an account, whether he does fo 
or not ; conftantly pray for grace to 
know, and to do his duty ; and prefer ve 
himfelf in fuch a teachable temper as to 

io Sacra Privata. 

be always ready to receive the truth when 
it is fairly propofed to him. 

It is a rudenefs amongft men to afk a 
favour, and not fray for an anfwer. And 
do we count it no fault to pray for blefT- 
ings, and never to think of them after 
wards, never to wait for them, never 
to give God thanks for them. 

Let us make prayer familiar to us ; for 
without the help of God, we are every 
hour in danger. 

The Devil knows, that when we have 
a relifh for prayer, and apply ourfelves in 
good earner! to it, we are in the way of 
life ; he therefore ftrives by all ways pof- 
fible to divert us. 

Let us not run over our prayers with 
an infenfible and diftracled mind. 

Let your prayers be as particular as 
may be y againft the fins of your particular 
ftate, and for the graces which you in 
particular do moft ftand in need of. This 
is the beft prefervative againft fin; 
makes us beft acquainted with our condi 
tion ; puts us continually in mind of 
mending what is amifs ; lets us fee what 

Sacra Privata. 

particular graces we moft want, what arc 
moft needful for the cure of our own 
particular corruption and diforder ; and 
is the beft trial of our hearts. For exam 
ple ; if I pray for charity, and for every 
inftance which is neceflary to render me 
truly charitable, I pray for grace to avoid 
evil-fpeaking, to pray for my enemies, 
to do them good, &c. and fo of all 
other fins and graces. 

God grant that I may never feek his 
face in vain ! 

Lord, teach us to pray. Pour upon us 
the fpirit of fupplication and prayer. 

God will deny us nothing that we afk 
in the name of his Son. 

Prayers through Jefus Chrijt. 

WHEN we offer our prayers through his 
mediation, it is then he that prays, his 
love that intercedes, his blood that pleads, 
it is he who obtains all from his Father. 

Preparatory Prayer. 

O HOLY Spirit of grace ! give us a true 
fight of our miferies, and a fincere mame 

I I 

Luke xi. i. 


Sacra Privata. 

and forrow, when we make confeffion of 
our fins ; a feeling fenfe of our need of 
mercy, and an hope of obtaining pardon, 
when we beg it for thy Son s fake. May 
we refign our wills to Thee and to thy 
goodnefs, when we pray for temporal 
things ; and when we pray for fpiritual 
graces, may we hunger and thirft after 
righteoufnefs. Give us a real love for thy 
Holy Word, and grace to hear it with 
attention. May we thankfully clofe with 
all the means of grace and falvation. 
When we praife Thee for thy works of 
nature and of grace, and give Thee thanks 
for thy mercies, let us do it with high 
efteem and gratitude. Caufe us to hear 
thy Holy Word with faith and attention, 
and to profit by what we hear, that we 
may return from thy church with a bleff- 

Sacra Privata. 


Morning Prayer. 

Choofe you this day whom you will 

HOM have I in heaven but 
Thee, O Lord ? and there is 
none on earth that I defire be- 
fides Thee. Thou art my God, 
and I will thank thee ; Thou art my God, 
and I will ferve thee. Be Thou my only 
ruler and governor. 

They that have a convenient place to 
fleep in, and they that have the comfort 
of fleep, have both great reafon to be 
thankful. And even they that want thefe 
mercies, ought to blefs God, if in the 
midft of their afflictions he is pleafed to 
refrem them with the comforts of grace. 
Gracious God, continue to me thefe fa- 

Jofh. xxiv. 

Pfa. li. 17. 

Jer. iii. 12. 

Pfa. xxxii. 5. 


Sacra Privata. 

vours fo long, and in fuch meafure, as mall 
moft contribute to thy honour, and my 
falvation. And in great mercy fupport 
and relieve all that want thefe bleflings. 

What {hall I offer unto the Lord for 
his mercies renewed unto me every morn 
ing ? The Jacrifice of God is a troubled 
fpirit: a broken and a contrite heart God 
will not dejpife. 

But moft unfit is mine to be to God 
prefented, until I have obtained his par 
don, through the merits of the Lord Jefus, 
for the many {ins by which it hath been 

/ am merciful, faith the Lord, and I 
will not keep anger for ever. Only ac 
knowledge thine iniquity, that thou haft 
tranjgrejfed againft the Lord thy God. 

I acknowledge my fin unto thee, O God, 
and mine iniquities will I not hide. 

I do therefore implore thy pardon, and 
plead thy gracious promifes, with full 
purpofe of heart, by the afliftance of thy 
grace, never again to return to folly. 

The heart is deceitful above all things, 
and dejperately wicked ; who can know it ? 

Sacra Privata. 

I cannot anfwcr for my own heart ; 
but there is no word, O Lord, impoffible 
with Thee. In Thee I do put my truft ; 
let me never be put to confufion. 

Keep it ever in the heart of thy fervant, 
that / / is indeed an evil thing and bitter to 
offend the Lord. 

Keep me from prefumptuous fins, that 
I may never grieve thy Holy Spirit, nor 
provoke Thee to leave me to myfelf. 

Watch and pray, that ye enter not into 

Lord, make me ever mindful of my 
infirmities and backflidings, that I may be 
more watchful, and more importunate for 
grace, for the time to come. 

Be fober, be vigilant, becauje your ad- 
verfary the Devil, as a roaring lion, walk- 
eth about, feeking whom he may devour. 

O Lord, grant that this adverfary of 
our fouls may never find me off my guard, 
or from under thy protection . 

If any man will come after me, let him 
deny himfelf, and take up his crofs, and 
follow me. 

O my Saviour ! how long have I pro- 

Mat. xxvi. 

i Peter v. 8. 

Mat. xvi. 


Sacra Privata. 

Mat. vi. 24. 

Markx. 17. 

fefled to follow Thee, without following 
the Hefted fteps of thy moft holy life, 
thy patience and humility, thy great dif- 
regard for the world, its pleafures, profits, 
honours, and all its idols. 

O Lord, obtain for me the fpirit of 
mortification and felf-denial, that I may 
follow Thee, as I hope to live with Thee 
for ever. Amen. 

No man can Jerve two mafters. Te 
cannot Jerve God and mammon, 

May my fear and love never be divided 
between Thee and the world. May I 
never fet up any thing, O God, in com 
petition with Thee in the poffeflion of my 
heart. May I never attempt to reconcile 
thy fervice with that world which is at 
enmity with Thee, my God and Father ! 

What fliall I do that I may inherit 
eternal life ? 

Thou Jhalt love the Lord thy God with 
all thy hearty and with all thy foul, and 
with all thy mind ; and thou flialt love thy 
neighbour as thyfelf. 

O that this love of God may be the 
commanding principle of my foul ! May 

Sacra Privata. 

I always have this comfortable proof of 
his love abiding in me, that I ftudy to 
pleafe him, and to keep his command 
ments. And may my love to my neigh 
bour be fuch as he has commanded, that 
I may forgive, and give, and love, as be 
comes a difciple of Jefus Chrift. Amen. 

Fear God, and keep his commandments, 
for this is the whole duty of man ; that is, 
the happinefs of man. 

May I, great God, continue in thy 
fear all the day long. May I keep thy 
ftatutes, and obferve thy laws. 

All things are naked and of en unto the 
eyes of him with whom we have to do. 

Grant that I may always live and act 
as having Thee, O God, the conftant 
witnefs of my conduct, for Jefus Chrift s 

If hatfoever thy hand findeth to do, do it 
with thy might: for the night come th when 
no man can work. 

Make me, O Lord, ever fenfible of the 
great evil of delaying the work in its fea- 
fon, which Thou haft appointed, left the 
night furprize me unawares. 


Ecclef. xii. 

Heb. iv. 13. 

Ecclef. ix. 


I John v. 

Sacra Privata. 

This is the confidence we have in God, 
that if we ajk any thing according to his 
willy he heareth us. 

That it may be unto thy fervant accord 
ing to this word, I befeech Thee to hear 
me in the full importance of that holy 
prayer which thy blefled Son hath taught 


In whom we live, and move, and have 
our being ; grant that I, and all Chrif- 
tians, may live worthy of this glorious 
relation, and that we may not fin , knowing 
that we are accounted thine. 

We are thine by adoption ; O make 
us thine by the choice of our will. 


O God, whofe name is great, wonderful, 
and holy, grant that I and all thy chil 
dren may glorify Thee, not only with 
our lips, but in our lives ; that others, 
feeing our good works, may glorify our 
Father which is in heaven. 

Sacra Privata. 19 


May the kingdoms of the world become 
the kingdoms of the Lord and of his 
Chrift. And may all that own Thee for 
their King, become thy faithfull fubjects, 
and obey thy laws. Dethrone, O God, 
and deftroy Satan, and his kingdom ; and 
enlarge the kingdom of grace. 


We adore thy goodnefs, O God, in mak 
ing thy will known to us in thy Holy 
Word. May this thy word be the rule 
of our will, of our defires, of our lives 
and actions. May we ever facrifice our 
will to thine; be pleafed with all thy 
choices for ourfelves and others, and 
adore thy providence in the government 
of the world. 


O Heavenly Father, who knoweft what 
we have need of, give us the neceflaries 
and comforts of this life with thy blefling; 


Sacra Privata. 

Afts xvii. 

but above all, give us the bread that 
nourifheth to eternal life. 

O Gody who giveth to all life and breath, 
and all things ; give us grace to impart, 
to fuch as are in want, of what Thou haft 
given more than our daily bread. 


Make us truly fenfible of thy goodnefs, 
and mercy, and patience, towards us, that 
we may from our hearts forgive every one 
his brother their trefpafles. 

May my enemies ever have place in 
my prayers, and in thy mercy. 


Support us, O Heavenly Father, under 
all our faving trials, and grant that they 
may yield us the peaceable fruits of 


From all fin and wickednefs, from our 
ghoftly enemy, and from everlafting death, 
Good Lord, deliver us. 

Sacra Privata. 2 i 

Deliver us from the evil of fin, and 
from the evil of funifliment. 

Deliver us, O Heavenly Father, from 
our evil and corrupt nature, from the 
temptations and fnares of an evil world, 
and from falling again into the fins we 
have repented of. 


By thy Almighty power, O King of Hea 
ven, for the glory of thy name, and for 
the love of a Father, grant us all thefe blef- 
fings which thy Son hath taught us to 
pray for. 

Unto Him that is able to do for us 
abundantly more than we can afk or 
think, unto Him be glory in the church 
by Chrift Jefus, throughout all ages, 
world without end. Amen. 

To God the Creator, the Preferver, 
and Difpofer of all things, be the glory 
of all the good wrought in us, by us, and 
upon us. 

) and glory, and wifdom, and 



Rom. xi. 

Rom. xvi. 

Sacra Privata. 

thankfgivingy and honour, and power, and 
might, be unto our God for ever and 
ever. Amen. 

Thine infinite power, wjfdom, goodnejs, 
faithfulnefs, and truth, are the only fure 
foundation on which we may depend. 
O give us a firm faith in thefe thy glori 
ous perfections. 

With angels and archangels, and all 
the company of Heaven, we laud and 
magnify thy glorious name, evermore 
praifing Thee, and faying, Holy, holy, 
holy, LORD GOD of Hofts, Heaven and 
Earth are full of thy glory. Glory be to 
Thee, O God moft High. Amen. 

Now unto Him that is able to keep 
you from falling, and to prefent you 
faultlefs before the prefence of his glory 
with exceeding joy ; To the only wife 
God our Saviour, be glory and majefty, 
dominion and power, both now and ever. 

For of Him, and through Him, and 
to Him, are all things ; to whom be glo 
ry for ever. Amen. 

To God only wife, be glory through 

Sacra Privata. 

Jefus Chrift for ever and ever. Amen. 

All things are poffible to him that be- 

Yes, Lord, and therefore I beg that 
faith of Him to whom all things are pof 
fible, that I may be able to difcover, to 
avoid, to refift, and to root out, whatever 
is evil in me. 

O Jefus, obtain this grace for thy 
otherwife helplefs creature. 

Grant, that I may this day efcape all 
the fnares laid for me, by the devil, the 
world, or mine own corrupt heart. 

Grant, that I may this day omit no 
part of my duty. 

Give thyfelf wholly to thefe things, that 
thy profiting may appear to all. 

God grant that I may do fo ; and I 
pray God preferve me from eafe, idlenefs, 
and trifling away my precious time. 

/ thank my God, making mention of thee 
always in my prayers. 

Extend, and fuit thy graces to all con 
ditions of men, that we may all be upright 
in our dealings, obedient to our govern 
ors, peaceable in our lives, fober, honeft, 

2 3 

Mark ix. 23. 

I Ttm. iv. 

Philemon 4. 


Prov. xxi. I. 

Sacra Privata. 

temperate, chafte in our converfation, and 
charitable to the poor, and one towards 

Increafe the number and the graces of 
all fuch as love and fear Thee. Enlight 
en the minds of the ignorant, awaken the 
confciences of the carelefs, filence the 
gainfayers, convert the profane, and all 
that hold the truth in unrighteoufnefs. 

Rebuke the fpirit of antichrift, idolatry, 
and libertinifm, the fins of drunkennefs, 
whoredom, litigioufnefs, and defrauding 
the publick. 

In tender mercy, remember, O God, 
all fick and dying perfons, that they may 
omit nothing that is neceflary to make 
their peace with Thee. Be gracious un 
to all that are under any affliction of mind 
or body, or under any prefTmg calamity, 
all dejolate widows and fathe rlejs chil 
dren, all that call upon Thee in their 
diftrefs, and have none elfe to help them. 

The king s power is in the hand of the 
Lord; as the rivers of waters, he turneth 
it whitherfoever he will. 

Let this thy power, O Lord, be mag- 

Sacra Privata. 25 

nified on his majefty, and on all that are 
put in authority under him, That we 
may be governed with truth and juftice, 
by men fearing and honouring God, pro- 
te<5Hng the Chriftian Religion, and pu- 
niming evil doers. To this end vouch- 
fafe them, I befeech Thee, all the graces 
neceflary for their high ftation, and for 
their eternal happinefs. 

MafterS) give unto your Jervants that coi. iv. i. 
iv hick is j uft and equal) knowing that ye al- 
fo have a mafter in heaven. 

O Heavenly Lord and Mafter, blefs 
me with good and faithfull fervants. Let 
thy blefling be upon them and upon my 
affairs committed to their care ; and may 
I never be wanting in my duty to them, 
for Jefus (Thrift s fake. 

Relations, Benefactors, &c. 

BE gracious, O God, to all my relations, 
benefactors, enemies, and all that have 
defired my prayers ; all who, by their 
own labours, do minifter to our necefTi- 
ties ; together with all our known and 
unknown benefactors. Render, O God, 


Sacra Privata. 

John xvi, 

Ephef. iv. 

a good reward, and a plentiful return, to 
all thofe who have been kind and chari 
table. Grant that we may all fo live 
here, as that we may meet hereafter in 
the Paradife of God. 

Verily I Jay unto you, whatfoever ye 
fliall ajk the Father in my name, he will 
give it you. 

Thefe are what I afk, O God and 
Father, above all things, for myfelf, and 
for all that have de fired my prayers : 
That we may be reftored to thy likenefs, 
and never deface it by our fins ; that the 
image of Satan may be deftroyed in us ; 
that all carnal affections may die in us ; 
and that all things belonging to the Spi 
rit may dwell in our hearts by faith ; 
that thy name, and the name of our Lord 
Jefus Chrift, may be glorified in us, and 
we in him ; that our hearts may be en 
tirely thine ; that we may never grieve 
thy Holy Spirit ; but that we may con 
tinue thine for ever, for Jefus Chrift s 
fake. Amen. 

Let no corrupt communication proceed 
out of your mouth, but that which is good 

Sacra Privata. 

to the life of edifying, that it may minifter 
grace unto the hearers. 

Grant, O God, that I may delight in 
thy Law ; that my converfation may be 
truly chriftian. 

May I never hear with pleafure, nor 
ever repeat fuch things, as may dimonour 
God, or injure my neighbour, or my own 

Speak not evil one of another. 

Foolifli talking or jefting are not con 
venient, but rather giving of thanks. 

Set a watch, O Lord before my mouth, 
and keep the door of my lips. 

Out of the abundance of the heart the 
mouth fpeaketh. How can ye, being evil, 
Jpeak good things. 

O Holy Spirit of Grace, enable me to 
overcome the mame of a degenerate age, 
which will hear nothing with delight, but 
what concerns this world. O touch my 
heart with the true love of God, the ex 
cellencies of his laws, the pleafantnefs of 
his fervice, and the wonders of his provi 
dences. This I beg for Jefus Chrift s 

2 7 

James iv. 
1 1. 

Eph. v. 4. 

Pfa. cxxxiii. 

Matt. xii. 


Sacra Privata. 

AJk what ye will, and it ftiall be done 
unto you. 

Thefe, O Jefus, are the things that I 
afk. Intercede for me ! that I may be 
truly fenfible of the difeafes I labour un 
der, and thankfully embrace the means 
which thy goodnefs hath ordained for my 

Grant that the end of all my actions 
and defigns, may be the glory of God. 

Enable me to refifl all the finful appe 
tites of my corrupt nature. 

Grant that I may hunger and thirft 
after righteoufnefs. 

Vouchfafe me the fpirit of adoption, 
of fupplication and prayer, of praife and 

Obtain for me, O Jefus, the graces of 
mortification and felf-denial ; the graces 
of a true humility, and the fear of God. 

Grant, O God, that I may never 
knowingly live one moment under thy 
difpleafure, or in any known fin. 

Grant, O God, that as I have been re 
generate, and made thy child by adoption 
and grace, I may daily be renewed by thy 

Sacra Privata. 29 

Holy Spirit, for Jefus (Thrift s fake. 

Enable me, gracious God, to efcape the 
corruption that is in the world through 
luft, that I may be partaker of the Divine 

Lord, grant me grace to withftand the 
temptations of the world, the flem, and 
the devil; and with a pure heart and mind 
to follow Thee, the only God, through 
Jefus Chrift our Lord. Amen. 

Let thy love, O God, be med abroad 
in my heart, by the power of the Holy 
Ghoft, and grant that it may appear in 
my life, my converfation, my words, and 
aftions, for Jefus Chrift s fake. 

Bleffed be God, that I was admitted 
into the fellowfhip of Chrift s Religion. 
Grant, O God, that I may efchew all 
thofe things that are contrary to my pro- 
feflion, and follow all fuch things as are 
agreeable to the fame, for Jefus (Thrift s 

Keep me, I befeech Thee, O Heavenly 
Father, under the protection of thy good 
providence, and make me to have a per 
petual fear and love of thy holy name ; 

30 Sacra Privata. 

through Jefus Chrift our Lord. 

Put away from me all hurtful things, 
and give me thofe things that be profitable 
for me, through Jefus Chrift. 

Mercifully grant unto me, O God, 
fuch a meafure of thy grace, that running 
the way of thy commandments, I may 
obtain thy gracious promifes, and be made 
partaker of thy heavenly treafure, through 
Jefus Chrift our Lord. Amen. 

Forgive me thofe things whereof my 
confcience is afraid, and give me thofe 
good things which we are not worthy to 
afk, but through the merits and media 
tion of thy Son Jefus Chrift. 

That I may obtain that which thou 
doft promife, make me to love that which 
thou doft command, through Jefus Chrift. 

Keep me from all things hurtful, and 
lead me to all things neceflary to my fal- 
vation, through Jefus Chrift. 

The Lord deliver me from every evil 
work, and preferve me to his heavenly 
kingdom ; To whom be glory for ever 
and ever. Amen. 

O that thy Holy Spirit may direct and 

Sacra Privata. 31 

rule my heart. O God, through Jefus 

Of thy bountiful goodnefs, O Lord, 
keep me, I befeech Thee, from all things 
that may hurt me, that I may cheerfully 
accomplimthofe things which thou wouldft 
have done, through Jefus Chrift our Lord. 

Grant, O God, that I may be cleanfed 
from all my fins, and ferve Thee with a 
quiet mind, through Jefus Chrift. 

Deliver me, O Lord, from the bonds 
of thofe fins, which through my frailty, 
I have committed, for Jefus Chrift s fake. 


O THAT I may believe in Thee, O God, 
and put my whole truft and confidence in 
Thee alone, and not in any thing that I 
myfelf can do. 

Grant, O God, that I may fo perfectly, 
and without all doubt, believe in thy Son 
Jefus Chrift, that my faith in thy fight 
may never be reproved, for the fake of 
the fame Jefus Chrift. 

Againft Wavering. 
GRANT, O God, that we may not be 

32 Sacra Privata. 

carried about with every blaft of vain 
doctrine, but that we may be firmly efta- 
blimed in the truth of thy holy gofpel, 
through Jefus Chrift. 

Grant, O God, that I may perfectly 
know thy Son Jefus Chrift to be the Way, 
the Truth) and the Life, the Author of 
the Way, the Teacher of the Truth, and 
the Giver of Life ; that I may ftedfaftly 
walk in the way that leadeth to eternal 
life, through the fame Jefus Chrift. 


GIVE me grace to forfake all covetous 
defires, and inordinate love of riches and 
pleafures, through Jefus (Thrift. 

Grant that I may both perceive, and 
know, what things I ought to do, and alfo 
may have grace and power faithfully to 
fulfil the fame, through Jefus Chrift. 

Grant me, O God, the true circumci- 
fion of the Spirit, that my heart, and all 
my members, being mortified from all 
carnal lufts, I may in all things obey thy 
bleffed will. 

O that we, who know Thee now by 

Sacra Privata. 33 

faith, may, after this life, have the frui 
tion of thy glorious Godhead ! 

In all our dangers and neceflities, ftretch 
forth thy right hand to fave and defend 


O SEND thy Holy Ghoft, and pour into 
my heart that moft excellent gift of Cha 
rity, that very bond of peace and of all 
virtue, without which, whofoever liveth is 
counted dead before Thee. 

Grant, I do moft humbly befeech Thee, 

God, that as by thy fpecial grace pre 
venting me, Thou doft put in my mind 
good defires, fo by thy continual help, I 
may bring the fame to good effect, through 
Jefus Chrift. 

O everlafting God, grant, that as thy 
Holy Angels always do Thee fervice in 
heaven, fo by thy appointment they may 
fuccour and defend us on earth, through 
Jefus Chrift. 

Grant me grace fo to follow thy blefled 
Saints in virtuous and godly living, that 

1 may come to thofe unfpeakable joys 


Sacra Privata. 

which thou haft prepared for them that 
unfeignedly love Thee. 

I pray God, my whole fpirit, (my un- 
derftanding, will, and conference,) my 
foul, (my appetites, affections, and paf- 
fions,) and my body, (the tabernacle of 
my foul) be preferved blamelefs unto the 
coming of our Lord Jefus Chrift. 

May I take pleafure in abiding in thy 
prefence, O God ; in depending upon 
Thee ; in leaving myfelf entirely to thy 
difpofal, as a continual facrifice to thy will. 

Give me a victory over all my fins and 
imperfections, increafe in me the graces 
of faith, hope, and charity, of humility, 
meeknefs, patience, and refignation, and all 
other Chriftian virtues ; for Jefus Chrift s 

Preferve me, gracious God, from Jpi- 
ritual pride, from afcribing any thing I 
have done, or can do, to myfelf, and 
robbing Thee of the glory of faving me 
from eternal ruin. 

Take poflefTion, O Jefus, of thy right 
in my foul, which Thou haft redeemed 
with thy moft precious blood, and root 

Sacra Privata. 


out all felf-righteoufnefs, felf-intereft, and 
felf-will ; that Thou mayeft be my right- 
eoufnefs, and all in me. 


GIVE me, O God, fuch a true forrow for 
my fins, as mail enable me to embrace all 
the neceflary means, how bitter foever, 
for rooting fin out of my foul. 


God refifleth the proud, and giveth grace to 

the humble. 

I HAVE all the reafon in the world to 
be humble. Without God I am nothing. 
Without his help and grace I can do no 
thing that is good. Without his word, I 
know nothing. Of myfelf, I deferve no 
thing but punifhment. Of my own, I 
have nothing but faults, imperfections, 
and fins, an inclination to evil, an averfion 
to good, unruly fenfes, ungovernable paf- 
fions, unreafonable affections. 

O Lord Jefus Chrift, who art made 
unto us of God, our wifdom, by revealing 
him and his glorious perfections ; our 

i Peter v. 5. 

Cor. i. 30. 

Col. iii. 17. 

Sacra Privata. 

right eoujnejs, by fatisfying the juftice of 
God in our nature ; ourfanftijication, by 
procuring for us the Holy Ghoft, and by 
reftoring us, being finners, to God s fa 
vour ; our redemption, by redeeming us 
from death eternal. O Jefus, for thefe 
mighty favours, all love and glory be to 
Thee, with the Father and the Holy 
Ghoft, for ever. Amen. 

The Way of an Happy Life. 

LAY nothing too much to heart; deiire 
nothing too eagerly rejoice not excef- 
fively, nor grieve too much for difafters ; 
be not violently bent on any defign ; 
nor let any worldly cares hinder you from 
taking care of your foul ; and remem 
ber, that it is neceflary to be a Chriftian 
(that is, to govern one s-felf by motives 
of Chriftianity)inthemoft common actions 
of civil life. 

Whatjoever ye do in word or in deed, do 
all in the name of the Lord Jefus y giving 
thanks to God the Father by him. 

He that would not fall into temptation, 
muft have a prefence of mind, a watchful 

Sacra Privata. 

eye over himfelf; he muft have great 
things in view, diftinguifh betwixt time 
and eternity ; or elfe he will follow what 
paflion, not what reafon and religion, fug- 

Chrlftian Perfection. 

WHOEVER afpires after, (being fo united 
to God, as to be one fpirit with him) 
muft refolve to do all things with this 
fole view, TO PLEASE God. This I pur- 
pofe, this I forbear, this I undertake, this 
I do, this I fuffer, in obedience to the 
Will of God. This fhould be our ex- 
prefs purpofe, at all times, when we have 
time to make it ; and fhould be often 
renewed, left our own will come to be 
the rule of our actions. If I am careful 
to do this, I mall always have my end, 
whether I fucceed, or be difappointed, 
being convinced it is God s will. 

Put ye on the Lord Jejus, and make not 
provifion for the flejh y to fulfil the lufts 

Grant, O Lord, that " I may keep under 
my body, and bring it into fubjection, 


Rom. xvi. 

I Cor. ix. 

Sacra Privata. 

I Peter Hi. 
8, 9, &c. 

left by any means I mould be a caft- 

cc Be ye all of one mind, having com- 
paffion one of another. Be pitiful, be 
courteous : not rendering evil for evil, 
nor railing for railing, but contrarywife 
blerTmg. For he that will love life, and 
fee good days, let him refrain his tongue 
from evil, and his lips that they fpeak no 
guile. Let him efchew evil, and do good. 
Let him feek peace, and enfue it." 

Give me, O Lord, a wife, a fober, a 
ferious, a religious heart. 

Preferve me from evil councils, and 
rafh enterprizes. O make thy way plain 
before my face. 

Support me this day under all the dif 
ficulties I mall meet with. 

I offer myfelf to Thee, O God, this 
day, to do in me, and with me, as to 
Thee feems moft meet. 

Vouchfafe me, gracious God, the fpi- 
rit of adoption, whereby I may cry Abba, 
Father, and apply to Thee, through 
Jefus Chrift, not as an angry judge, but 
as to a merciful and loving father. 

Sacra Privata. 

Remember, that the life of man is 
only to be valued for its ufefulnefs. 

This is my commandment \ that ye love 
one another. 

O Thou, who haft given me this com 
mand and pattern, give me a fincere de- 
fire of following, and grace and power to 
do it. 

And the prayer of faith fliall fave the 
feck : and the Lord fliall raife him up ; 
and if he have committed fins, he fliall be 
abfolved, [ i. e. upon his confeffion.] 

O Lord of life and death ! have mercy 
upon all thofe who are vifited with fick- 
nefs ; fanctify this thy fatherly correction, 
that they may fearch their ways, and fee 
whence this vifitation cometh. Have 
mercy upon all that are appointed to die, 
and grant that they omit nothing that is 
neceflary to make their peace with Thee, 
and that they may be delivered from death 
eternal. And God grant that we may ap 
ply our hearts to that holy and heavenly 
wifdom, while we live here, which may in 
the end bring us to life everlafting, through 
Jefus Chrift our Lord. Amen. 


John xv. 


James v. 15. 

I Tim. ii. 

Afts xvii. 

Sacra Privata. 


I exhort thatfirft of all, /applications y pray 
ers, inter cej/ions, and giving of thanks,, 
be made for all men. 

FOR we are all of one blood. And 
Charity, that more excellent way, is 
a tender affection for the whole creation 
of God. 

O God, almighty and merciful, let thy 
fatherly kindnefs be upon all whom Thou 
haft made. Hear the prayers of all that 
call upon Thee ; open the eyes of them 
that never pray for themfelves ; pity the 
fighs of fuch as are in mifery ; deal mer 
cifully with them that are in darknefs ; 
and increafe the number of the graces of 
fuch as fear and ferve Thee daily. Pre- 
ferve this land from the misfortunes of 
war ; this church from all dangerous 
errors ; this people from forgetting Thee, 
their Lord and benefactor. Be gracious 
to all thofe countries that are made defo- 
late by the fword, famine, peftilence, or 
perfecution. Blefs all perfons and places 

Sacra Privata. 41 

to which thy providence has made me a 
debtor ; all who have been instrumental 
to my good by their afliftance, advice, or 
example ; and make me in my turn ufe- 
ful to others. Let none of thofe that de- 
fire my prayers want thy mercy ; but de 
fend, and comfort, and conduct them 
through, to their lives end. 

" In every thing give thanks; for this 
cc is the will of God, in Chrift Jefus, con- 
<c cerning you." 

Caufe us, O God, to profit by all the 
visitations of thy grace and mercy. 

" It becometh well the juft to be thank- 
" ful." 

O Lord and Father, I am not worthy 
of the leaft of all thy mercies, which Thou 
haft mewed thy fervant, neither can I 
render due thanks and praife for them ; 
but, O Lord, accept of this my facrifice 
of praife and thankfgiving. 

For all the known, and for all the un- 
obferved favours, deliverances, vifitations, 
opportunities of doing good, chaftifements, 
and graces of thy Holy Spirit, vouchfafed 
to me, I blefs thy good providence ; be- 

Pfalm xc. I, 

Sacra Privata. 

Teaching Thee to pardon my ingratitude, 
that I have pafled fo many days and years 
without obferving, and without acknow 
ledging, thy great goodnefs to thy un 
worthy fervant. 

For when I foberly conflder my depen 
dence upon Thee, for my life, welfare, 
health of body, peace of mind, grace, com 
fort, and falvation, I ought to be very 

Glory be to God, my Creator ; glory 
be to Jefus, my Redeemer ; glory be to 
the Holy Ghoft, my Sanctifier, my Guide, 
and Comforter : all love, all glory, be to 
God moft high. Amen. 

Let us never afcribe any thing to our- 
felves, but all to the grace of God, and 
render to him all the glory of his works. 

Preferve me, O God, from the infenfi- 
bility of thofe who receive thy favours 
without being affected with them, and 
from the ingratitude of thofe who look 
upon them as a debt. 

// is a good thing to give thanks unto 
the Lord ; and to fing praifes unto thy 
name, O Mofl High ! To Jhew forth thy 

Sacra Privata. 

loving-kindnefs in the morning; and thy 
faithfulnefs every night. 

Many and great have been the favours 
and bleflings which Thou haft beftowed 
on thefe nations ; for which, O Lord, in 
conjunction with thofe who praife Thee 
for them, and in the ftead of thofe who 
forget to praife Thee, I blefs and praife 
thy holy name. 

Blefs the Lord, O my foul, and forget 
not all his benefits. 


In T hee we live, and move, and have 
our being. 

Grant that we may love Thee with all 
our heart, and mind, and foul, and ftrength. 

Blefled be God, who dealeth with us 
with the tendernefs of a Father. 

that we may remember that our Fa 
ther and our inheritance is in heaven. 

1 commit myfelf and all that belongs 
to me to thy fatherly care and love. 

Verily, whatever ye afk the Father in 


my name, he will give it you. This is 
the great fupport and comfort of finners. 


John xvi, 


Sacra Privata. 

i John iii. 

Hear us, for thy Son s fake; for as finners 
we have no right to afk any favour. 

What manner of love is it, that we 
fhould be called the fons of God ! 


cc Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive 
honour, and power, and glory, for Thou 
haft created all things." 

cc In this is my Father glorified, that 
ye bring forth much fruit." 

May thy children have a great regard 
for every thing that belongs to Thee. 

May I never dishonour Thee, O Hea 
venly Father, by word or deed. 

May I glorify Thee daily by a good 
life. Fill my heart with a great concern 
and zeal for thy glory. 

"Let every thing that hath breath praife 
the Lord." 

cc They that honour me, I will alfo 

How little have I done to promote thy 
glory ! God be merciful unto me. 


May all the kingdoms of the world 

Sacra Privata. 

obey thy laws, and fubmit to thy provi 
dence, and become the kingdoms of the 
Lord, and of his Chrift. 

Blefs the pious endeavours of all thofe 
who ftrive to propagate the gofpel of thy 

Vouchfafe to reign in my heart ; and 
let not Satan ever have dominion over me. 

Fit us, O God, for the coming of thy 
kingdom. May I fubmit and rejoice to 
be governed by Thee. 

O that thy Holy Spirit may direct and 
rule my heart; fubdue in me all pride and 
covetoufnefs, hatred, malice, envy, luft, 
and all uncleannefs, and whatever mall 
offend Thee. 


This is the will of God, even our Jan ft i- 

Thou haft fent us into the world, not 
to do our own will, but thine. 

O fubject my will to thine. 

May thy name be honoured by the 
good lives of Chriftians. 


i Thefs. iv. 

Sacra Privata. 

John vi. 27. 

O that I may have refpe<5t unto all thy 

May thy will, revealed to us in thy 
holy word, be the rule of my will, of my 
defires, my words, life, and actions. 


Labour not for the meat which periflieth, 
but for that meat which endure th unto ever- 
lafting life. 

Lord, give us evermore this bread. 
Give us the neceflaries of life ; but above 
all, the bread that nourimeth to eternal 


vi. 37. 


Forgive, and ye /hall be forgiven. 

Grant, O Heavenly Father, that I may 
clofe with this merciful condition of par 

Thou haft been all mercy to me, O 
God, grant that I may be fo to all others. 

Blefled be the Lord, who has put our 
falvation into our own hands. May thy 

Sacra Privata. 

grace, O Father, give me an heart ever 
ready to forgive. 


Let him that thinketh he ftandeth (firm) 
take heed left he fall 

Let not any confidence in ourfelves 
provoke Thee, O God, to leave us to 

The Lord knoweth how to deliver the 
godly out of temptation. 

Thou, O Father, knoweft my infirmi 
ties, and the power of my enemies ; be 
not wanting to me in the hour of tempta 

Watch and fray that ye enter not into 

Make me mindful of my weaknefs, 
that I may be more watchful and impor 
tunate for grace. 

Fortify my foul againft the temptations 
of the world, the flem, and the devil, for 
Jefus Chrift s fake. 


Be Jober, be vigilant, becaufe your ad- 


Cor. x. 13. 

2 Peter ii. 9. 

Matt. xxvi. 

I Peter v. 8. 

Pfalm cxli. 


Sacra Privata. 

verfary the Devil, as a roaring lion, walk- 
eth about, feeking whom he may devour. 

Grant, O Heavenly Father, that this 
adverfary may never find me offmy guard, 
or from under thy protection. 

In all my faving trials, give me grace 
and power to overcome, to thy glory. 


To Thee, to Thee alone, and to thy 
Son, and Holy Spirit, be glory for ever 
and ever. Amen. 


Let my grayer be Jet forth in thy fight, as 
the incenfe ; and let the lifting up of my 
hands be as an evening facrijice. 

THAT it hath pleafed God to add ano 
ther day to the years of my life ; that 
none of his judgments, to which for my fins 

Sacra Privata. 

I am liable, have fallen upon me ; that by 
his grace he hath kept me from all fcan- 
dalous fins, and from the dangers of an 
evil world ; that he has given me occa- 
fions of doing good, and grace to make 
ufe of them ; that he hath fupplied me 
and my family with the neceflaries of this 
life, and with means of attaining a bet 
ter : Accept, O God, of my unfeigned 
thanks for thefe, and for all thy mercies 
from day to day beftowed upon me. Add 
this to all thy favours, I befeech Thee, 
that I may never forget to be thankful. 

PofTefs my heart with fuch a deep fenfe 
of my obligations to, and dependence 
upon Thee for life, and health, and grace, 
and falvation, that religion may be my 
delight, as well as my duty. 

But that I may ferve Thee with a quiet 
mind, forgive me the things whereof my 
confcience is afraid, and avert the judg 
ments which I have juftly deferved. Re 
member not the offences of my youth ; 
and in mercy blot out thofe of my riper 
years. Pardon my fins of the day paft, 
and of my life paft, and grant that they 




I John ii. 

John v. 14. 

Pfa. xci. i. 

Sacra Privata. 

may never rife up in judgment againft 
me. Amen. 

If any man fin, we have an advocate 
with the Father, Jejus Chrifl the righte 
ous, and he is a propitiation for our fins. 

O moft powerful Advocate, I put my 
caufe into thy hands, let thy blood and 
merits plead for me ; and by thy mighty 
intercefTion, procure for me a full dif- 
charge of all my fins. 

Sin no more, left a worfe thing come 
unto thee. 

Lord, the frailty of man without Thee 
cannot but fall. In all temptations, there 
fore, I befeech Thee to fuccour me, that 
no fin may ever get the dominion over 

Whojo dwelleth under the defence of the 
Moft High, Jhall abide under the fliadow 
of the Almighty. 

May the Almighty God take me, my 
family, my relations, my friends, my be 
nefactors, and my enemies, under his gra 
cious protection. Give his holy angels 
charge concerning us ; preferve us from 
the prince and powers of darknefs, and 

Sacra Privata. 

from the dangers of the night ; and keep 
us in perpetual peace and fafety : through 
Jefus Chrift our Lord. Amen. 

Hear me, O God, not according to my 
weak underftanding, but according to the 
full importance of that Holy Prayer, 
which Jefus Chrift has taught us, and 
which I prefume to offer : 

Our Father , which art in Heaven, &c. 


God will be glorified in the falvation 
of fouls. 

If the Almighty God were not my Fa 
ther, I might expect vengeance inftead of 

May I mew by my life that God is my 
father ! 

This earth is not the inheritance of the 
children of God. 

BlefTed be God, who dealeth not with 
us with the authority of a lord over his 
fervants, but with the tendernefs of a fa 
ther over his children. 

5 1 

5 2 

Sacra Privata. 


I own Thee for my King ; do Thou 
make and own me for thy faithful fub- 
ject. Enlarge thy kingdom for the ho 
nour of thy great Name. May I preferve 
thy kingdom within me, the government 
of thy Spirit. Bring me into fubjedtion 
to thyfelf, by thy grace. 


That Thou mayeft have a church on 
earth as obedient to thy will as that is in 

O Heavenly Father, fubdue in me what 
ever is contrary to thy holy will. Grant 
that I may ever ftudy to know thy will, 
that I may know how to pleafe Thee. 

Thy will, O God, is the perfection of 
juftice ! let me never prefcribe to Thee 
what Thou oughteft to give me. What 
Thou willeft, we may be fure, is beft for 
us ; we cannot be fure of what we will for 
ourfelves. Hearken not to the corrupt 
defires of my heart, but to the voice of 
thy own mercy. 

Sacra Privata. 53 


Yes, my God, I will have recourfe to 
Thee daily ; for on Thee I depend daily 
for life, and breath, and grace, and all 

Give me a true underftanding and love 
for Thy Word, the bread which nourim- 
eth to eternal life. 

For Thou, O Lord, haft taught us, not 
to feek that bread which perimeth, but 
that which endureth to eternal life. 


May I ever mew mercy to men, that I 
may receive it from Thee, my God. 

Do I value my foul, and think this too 
hard a condition ? 

Thou art all mercy to me ; grant that 
I may be all-merciful to my brethren, for 
thy fake, O Father. 


For thou knoweft our infirmities, and 
the power and malice of our enemies. 


Sacra Privata. 

Thou knoweft how to deliver the godly 

out of temptation. 

Grant, O God, that I may never run 

into thofe temptations, which in my pray 

ers I defire to avoid ! 

Vouchfafe me the gift of perfeverance, 

on which my eternal happinefs depends. 

Lord, never permit my trials to be 

above my ftrength. 

O Holy Spirit of Grace, be not want 

ing to me in the hour of temptation. 

And in all temptations, give us power to 

refift and overcome. Leave us not in the 

power of evil fpirits to ruin us. Sup 

port us under all our faving trials and 





Let thy fatherly companion grant what 

the Son of thy love has encouraged us to 

pray for. 

By thy Almighty power, make good 

whatever is defective in me. 

Sacra Privata. 


Before judgment , examine thyjelf ; and 
in the day of vifitation thou jhalt find 

Difcover to me, O thou Searcher of 
hearts, whatever is amifs in me, whether 
in life or principle. 


FROM fudden, from unprepared death, 
good Lord, deliver me, my family, and 
all that defire my prayers. May we 
never be furprifed in fin ; and may thy 
mercy fupply whatever mall be wanting 
in our preparation for death. 

For myfelf, with the fubmifTion of a 
penitent {inner, under the righteous fen- 
tence of death pafled upon all mankind, 
I beg that I may fo live, as that I may 
with joy refign my life a facrifice of obe 
dience, in union with that of my Savi 
our s, to Thee, O Father, trufting in thy 
mercy and goodnefs, and promifes in Je- 
fus Chrift, at the hour of death, and in 
the day of judgment. Amen. 

Let not thejungo down upon your wrath. 


Ecclef. xvii. 

Ephef. iv. 6. 

Sacra Privata. 

Lord, grant that I may lie down to 
fleep with the fame charitable difpofitions 
with which I defire and hope to die. 

I befeech Thee for all that are my ene 
mies, not for judgment and vengeance, 
but for mercy, for the remirlion of their 
fins, and for their eternal happinefs. 
pfa. xiii. 3. Lighten my eyes, O Lord, that I Jleep 
not in death. 

Deliver me from the terrors of the 
night, and from the peftilence that walketh 
in darknefs. 

Let my fleep be free from fin ; pre- 
ferve me, O Lord, from evil dreams, and 
evil daemons. 

Into thy hands I commend myfelf, my 
fpirit, my foul, and body, O Lord, thou 
God of truth. 

Grant that I may remember Thee upon 
my bed. 

Pfa. iv. 9 . / w m l a y me down in peace, and take 

my refl ; for it is Thou, Lord, only that 
make ft me dwell infafety. 

May the Saviour and Guardian of my 
foul take me under his protection this 
night and evermore. 

Sacra Privata. 

Sunday Meditations. 

A Dally Form of Tbankf giving. 

O ALMIGHTY God and moft mer 
ciful Father, who, day after day, 
doft minifter to finful man infinite occa- 
fions of praifmg Thee, accept of my un 
feigned thanks for all the bleflings I have, 
and every day receive, from thy good 

That of thine own mere goodnefs, and 
without any merit of mine, or of my fore 
fathers, Thou haft given me a being from 
honeft and religious parents, and in fuch 
a part of the world where the Chriftian 
Religion is purely taught, and thy Sacra 
ments duly adminiftered. 

That Thou didft endue me with rea- 
fon and perfect fenfes ; and, to make thefe 
more comfortable to me, didft give me a 
found and healthful body. 

That Thou gaveft me an early know 
ledge of Thee, my Creator and Redeemer. 


58 Sacra Privata. 

That Thou haft preferved me ever 
fince my birth, and haft vouchfafed me 
health and liberty, and a competency of 
means to fupport me. 

That Thou haft redeemed me by thy 
Son, and given me a mare in his merits ; 
fanctified me by thy Holy Spirit, and haft 
heaped many favours upon me. 

That Thou haft given me honeft friends 
to admonim, to counfel, to encourage, and 
to fupport me, by their intereft and advice. 

That Thou haft been my refuge in tri 
bulation, and my defence in all adverfi- 
ties ; delivering me from dangers, infamy, 
and troubles. For all known or unob- 
ferved deliverances, and for the guard thy 
Holy Angels keep over me, I praife thy 
good providence. 

When I went aftray, Thou didft re 
duce me ; when I was fad, Thou didft 
comfort me ; when I offended Thee, 
Thou didft forbear and gently correct 
me, and didft long expect my repentance ; 
and when, for the grievoufnefs of my 
fins, I was ready to defpair, Thou didft 
keep me from utter ruin ; Thou haft de- 

Sacra Privata. 

livered me from the fnares and aflaults of 
the Devil ; Thou haft not only preferved 
my foul, but my body, from deftruction, 
when ficknefles and infirmities took hold 
of me. 

O Lord and Father, I cannot render 
due thanks and praife for all thefe mercies 
beftowed upon me : Such as I have I give 
Thee ; and humbly befeech Thee to ac 
cept of this my daily facrifice of thankf- 

Pardon, O God, all my former ingra 
titude; and that I have pafled fo many 
days without obferving, without admiring, 
without acknowledging and confefTmg, 
thy wonderful goodnefs to the moft un 
worthy of thy fervants. 

For (now I foberly confider my de 
pendence upon Thee) as there is no hour 
of my life that I do not enjoy thy favours, 
and tafte of thy goodnefs, fo (if my frailty 
would permit) I would fpend no part of 
my life without remembering Thee. 

Praife the Lord then, O my foul, and 
all that is within me praife his Holy 



Sacra Privata. 

Glory be to Thee, O Lord, my Crea 
tor. Glory be to Thee, O Jefus, my Re 
deemer. Glory be to the Holy Ghoft, my 
Sandtifier, my Guide, and Comforter. 

All love, all glory, be to the high and 
undivided Trinity, whofe works are infe- 
parable, and whofe dominion endureth 
world without end. Amen. 

When I ferioufly confider, great God, 
my dependence upon thy Providence, and 
that the favours and mercies I have re 
ceived, are infinitely more in number than 
the acknowledgments I have made, I am 
juftly afhamed of my ingratitude, and 
afraid left my unthankful nefs mould pro 
voke Thee to hinder the current of thy 
bleflings from defcending upon me. 

Forgive, O merciful Father, my paft 
negligences, and give me grace for the 
time to come to obferve and to value thy 
kindnefles, as becomes one who has re 
ceived fo much more than he deferves. 

Preferve in my foul, O God, fuch a 
conftant and clear fenfe of my obligations 
to Thee, that upon the receipt of every 
favour, I may immediately turn my eyes 

Sacra Privata. 

to Him from whom cometh my falvation. 
That thy manifold blefTings may fix fuch 
lafting imprefTions upon my foul, that I 
may always praife Thee faithfully here on 
earth, until it mall pleafe Thee, of thy 
unbounded mercy, to call me nearer the 
place of thy heavenly habitation, to praife 
my Lord and deliverer to all eternity. 


GOD has more ways of providing for us, 
of helping us, than we can poffibly ima 
gine ; it is infidelity to defire to confine 
him to our ways and methods. 

Lord y jave us, we perijh. 

Nothing can better exprefs our own 
inability, and our whole dependence upon 
God. Two fure conditions of obtaining 

Since thy mercy, O God, is ever ready 
to help all that call upon Thee in time of 
diftrefs, let thy goodnefs anfwer my wants. 

Keep me under the protection of thy 
good providence, and make me to have 
a perpetual fear and love of thy Holy 
Name, through Jefus Chrift. 


Matt. viii. 


Sacra Privata. 

The more deftitute we are of human 
aid, the more ought we to truft to that 
providence which God is pleafed to exert 
in extreme neceflity. 

O God, give me grace never to con 
demn thy providence; let me adore the 
wifdom of thy conduct, the holinefs of 
thy ways, and the power of thy grace. 

How many fins mould we commit, if 
God did not vouchfafe to oppofe our cor 
rupt will ! Blefled be his holy name, for 
not leaving me to my own choices, 
pfa. xc. 12. So teach us to number our days, that we 
may apply our hearts unto wifdom. 

Birth- Day. 

BLESSED be God for my creation and 
birth ; for giving me a being from honeft 
parents fearing God, and in a Chriflian 
and Proteilant country ; for giving me 
perfect members and fenfes, a found rea- 
fon, and an healthful conftitution for 
the means of grace, the afliftances of the 
Holy Spirit, and for the hopes of Glory ; 
for all the known or unobferved fa 
vours, providences, and deliverances, by 

Sacra Privata. 

which my life has hitherto been preferv- 
ed ; moft humbly befeeching Thee, my 
God and Father, to pardon my neglect or 
abufe of any of thy favours, and that I 
have fo very much forgotten Thee, in 
whom I live, and move, and have my 

Good Lord, forgive me the great wafte 
of my precious time, the many days and 
years of health, and the many opportuni 
ties of doing good, which I have loft ; 
and give me grace, that for the time to 
come I may be truly wife, that I may 
confider my latter end, and work out my 
falvation with fear and trembling, ever re 
membering, that the night cometh when no 
man can work ; and that the day of my 
death may be better to me than the day 
of my birth. 

O gracious God, grant that before Thou 
takeft from me that breath which Thou 
gaveft me, I may truly repent of the er 
rors of my life paft ; that my fins may be 
forgiven, and my pardon fealed in Hea 
ven ; fo that I may have a place of reft 
in Paradife with thy faithful fervants, till 

64 Sacra Privata. 

the general refurredion ; when the good 
Lord vouchfafe me a better and an ever- 
lafting life, through Jefus Chrift. Amen. 

New-fear s- Day. 

BLESSED be God, who has brought me 
fafe to the beginning of another year. 

BlefTed be God, that I am of the num 
ber of thofe who have time and fpace for 
repentance yet given them. 

My God, make me truly fenfible of 
this mercy, and give me grace to confider 
often how fhort and how uncertain my 
time is; that there is one year more of 
a fhort life pafTed over my head ; and 
that I am fo much nearer eternity ; that 
I may in good earneft think of another 
life, and be fo prepared for it, as that 
death may not overtake me unawares. 

Lord, pardon all my mifpent time, and 
make me more diligent and careful to re 
deem it for the time to come, that when 
I come to the end of my days, I may look 
back with comfort on the days that are 

Grant that I may begin this new year 

Sacra Privata. 

with new refolutions of ferving Thee 
more faithfully ; and if, thro infirmity 
or negligence, I forget thefe good pur- 
pofes, the good Lord awaken in me a 
fenfe of my danger. 

My heart is in thy hands, O God, as 
well as my time ; O make me wife unto 
falvation ; that I may conlider in this 
my day the things that belong unto my 
peace ; and that I may pafs this, and all 
the years I have yet to live, in the com 
fortable hope of a blefled eternity, for the 
Lord Jefus fake. Amen. 

Lord s Day. 

When will the Sabbath be gone, that we 
may fell wheat ? 

DELIVER us, gracious God, from this fin 
of covetoufnefs, from being weary of 
thy fabbaths, which are ordained to pre- 
ferve in our hearts the knowledge of Thee, 
and of thy fon Jefus Chrift. 

O that we may defire, and rejoice in, 
the return of this day, and ferve Thee 
faithfully on it ; and that we may enjoy 

Amos viii. 


i Tim.ii. i, 

Sacra Privata. 

an everlafting fabbath with thy faints, for 
Jefus Chrift s fake. Amen. 

O that I may be glad when they fay 
unto me, Come, let us go to the Houfe 
of God ! 

Prayer for all Mankind. 

I exhort, that firft of all fupplications, 
prayers, inter cejfions, and giving of 
thanks, be made for all men. 

O GOD, almighty and merciful, let thy 
fatherly goodnefs be upon all that Thou 
haft made. 

Have mercy upon all Jews, Turks, In 
fidels, and Hereticks, and grant that none 
may deprive themfelves of that happinefs 
which Jefus Chrift has purchafed by his 

Blefs the pious endeavours of all thofe 
that ftrive to propagate the Gofpel of 
Chrift ; and may its faving truths be re 
ceived in all the world ! 

Preferve thy Church in the midft of 
the dangers that furround it : purge it 
from all corruptions, and heal its divi- 

Sacra Privata. 

{ions, that all Chriftian people may unite 
and love as becomes the difciples of Chrift. 

Grant that all bifhops and paflors may 
be careful to obferve the facred rights 
committed to their truft : 

That Godly difcipline may be reftored 
and countenanced : 

That Chriftians may not content them- 
felves with bare fhadows of religion and 
piety, but endeavour after that holinefs 
without which no man can fee the 
Lord : 

That fuch as are in authority may go 
vern with truth and juftice ; and that thofe 
whofe duty it is to obey, may do it for 
confcience fake. 

Let all that fincerely feek the truth, be 
led into it by thy Holy Spirit ; and to all 
fuch as are deftitute of neceffaryinftruclion, 
vouchfafe a greater meafure of thy grace. 

Support and comfort all that labour 
under trials and afflictions, all that fuffer 
wrongfully ; and by thy mighty grace 
fuccour all thofe that are tempted. 

Give unto all finners a true fenfe of 
their unhappy ftate, and grace and ftrength 

68 Sacra Privata. 

to break their bonds. 

Vifit, with thy fatherly comforts, all 
fuch as are now in their laft ficknefs, that 
they may omit nothing that is neceflary to 
make their peace with Thee. 

Be gracious to all thofe countries that 
are made defolate by the fword, famine, 
peftilence, or perfecution. And fanctify 
the miferies of this life, to the everlafting 
benefit of all that fuffer. 

Preferve this land from the miferies of 
war ; this Church from perfecution, and 
from all wild and dangerous errors ; and 
this people from forgetting Thee, their 
Lord and Benefactor. 

Avert the judgments which we have 
juftly deferved ; and mercifully prevent 
the ruin that threatens us ; and grant that 
we may be ever prepared for what thy 
Providence mall bring forth. 

Blefs all perfons and places to which 
thy Providence has made me a debtor ; all 
who have been inftrumental to my good, 
by their afTiftance, advice, or example ; and 
make me in my turn ufeful to others. 

Let none of thofe who cannot pray for 

Sacra Privata. 


themfelves, and define my prayers, want 
thy mercy ; but defend, and comfort, 
and conduct them through this dangerous 
world, that we may meet in Paradife, to 
praife our God for ever and ever. Amen. 

Enlighten the minds, and pardon the 
fin, of all that err through fimplicity. 

Let the wickednefs of the wicked come 
to an end, but guide thou the juft. 

Relieve and comfort all that are trou 
bled in mind or confcience ; all that are 
in danger of falling into defpair ; all 
that are in any dangerous error ; all that 
are in prifon, in flavery, or under perfecu- 
tion for a righteous caufe ; all that are in 
any diftrefs whatever ; that all may im 
prove tinder their fufferings. 

Have mercy upon and reclaim all that 
are engaged in finful courfes, in youthful 
lufts, in unchriftian quarrels, and in un 
righteous lawfuits. 

DirecT: all that are in doubt, all that 
feek the truth. 

O God, the Creator and Redeemer of 
All, have mercy upon all whom Thou 
haft made and redeemed. Amen. 


Luke xxii. 

Sacra Privata. 

Monday Meditations. 


Nevertheless, not my will, but 
thine be done. 

OGOD, who takeft delight in helping 
the affl idled, help a foul too often 
diftrefied with an inward rebellion againft 
thy juft appointments. 

Who am I, that I mould make excep 
tions againft the Will of God, infinitely 
great, wife, and good? 

I know not the things that are for my 
own good. 

My moft earned defires, if granted, 
may prove my ruin. 

The things I complain of and fear, 
may be the effects of the greateft mercy. 

The difappointments I meet with, may 
be abfolutely necefiary for my eternal 

I do therefore proteft againft the fin 
and madnefs of defiring to have my 
done, and not the will of God. 

Sacra Privata. 71 

Grant, gracious Father, that I may 
never difpute the reafonablenefs of thy 
will, but ever clofe with it, as the beft 
that can happen. 

Prepare me always for what thy provi 
dence mall bring forth. 

Let me never murmur, be dejefted, or 
impatient^ under any of the troubles of 
this life ; but ever find reft and comfort 
AND OF MY GOD : grant this for Jefus 
Chrift s fake. Amen. 

To the glory of God, and j unification 
of his infinite goodnefs, I do here acknow 
ledge, that in all the difpenfations of pro 
vidence which have befallen me, to this 
day, however uneafy to flefh and blood, 
I have notwithstanding experienced the 
kindnefs of a father for his child ; and am 
convinced, that it would have been much 
worfe for me, had I had my own choices. 

O God grant that for the time to come 
I may yield a cheerful obedience to all thy 
appointments. Amen. 

Corrupt nature cannot comprehend that 
afflictions are the effects of the divine 

Sacra Privata. 

Job xiii. 

love. It muft be thy grace, O Lover of 
Souls, which muft work in me this con 
viction, which I befeech Thee to vouch- 
fafe me. 

Never fet a greater value upon this 
world than it deferves. 

If a man be not eager or pofitive in his 
defires, he will more readily embrace the 
appointments of Providence. 

If we place our hopes, or our depend 
ence, upon the -power , the wijdom, the 
counjel, or the interefl, we have in man, 
and not in God only, we mail furely be 

though he flay me, yet will I trufl in him. 

O my crucified King and Saviour, let 
my fubmiflion to whatever afflictions mail 
befall me, for thy fake, or by thy appoint 
ment, be to me a pledge, and an aflurance, 
of my fidelity to Thee, and conformity to 
thy fufFerings. 

It is a favour to be punifhed and to 
fuffer in this life, when a man makes a 
good ufe of his fufFerings. But to fuffer 
by conftraint, is to fuffer without comfort 
and without benefit. 

Sacra Private* 

Our union and conformity with the 
will of God ought to be inftead of all 

Grant, O God, that I may always ac 
cept of the punimment of my fins with 
resignation to thy good pleafure. 

Remember me, O Lord, in the day of 
trouble ; keep me from all excefs of fear, 
concern, and fadnefs. 

Grant me an humble and refigned 
heart, that with perfect content I may 
ever acquiefce in all the methods of thy 
grace, that I may never fruftrate the de- 
figns of thy mercy, by unreafonable fears, 
by (loth, or felf-love. Amen. 

Think often of God, and of his attri 
butes, his mercy, companion, fidelity, 
fatherly care, goodnefs, protection. Dwell 
on thefe thoughts till they produce fuch a 
well-grounded confidence as will fupport 
us under all difficulties, and aflure us, that 
He cannot poflibly forfake thofe that de 
pend on Him. 

When God deprives us of any thing 
that is moft dear to us, health, eafe, 
conveniences of life, friends, wife, chil- 


i Peter v. ?. 

Sacra Privata. 

dren, &c. we fhould immediately fay, 
This is God s will ; I am by Him com 
manded to part with fo much ; let me 
not therefore murmur or be dejected, for 
then it would appear that I did love that 
thing more than God s will. 

When God thus vifits us, let us im 
mediately look inwards ; and, left our fins 
fhould be the occafion, let us take care 
that we ferioufly repent, and endeavour to 
make our peace with God, and then He 
will either deliver or fupport us, and will 
convince us, that we fuffer in juftice for 
our faults ; or for our trial, and to hum 
ble us ; or for God s glory, and to fane- 
tify us. 

Be clothed with humility ; for God re- 
fifleth the proud, but giveth grace to the 

Give me grace, O God, to ftudy, to 
love, to adore, and to imitate that hu 
mility, which thy BlefTed Son hath taught 
us both by his word and by his moft holy 

Sacra Privata. 


Under ft anding what the will of the Lord 

To engage in any bufmefs of import 
ance without knowing this, and taking 
counfel of God, may coft us dear. 

Woe to them that take counfel, but not of 
me, faith the Lord. 

But then, let a man take heed, that 
when he goes to enquire of the Lord, he 
does not fet up idols in his own heart, left 
God anfwer him according to his idols. 

We are to pray for the direction of 
God s Spirit, upon all great occafions : 
efpecially, we are humbly to depend on 
his direction, and cheerfully to expect it, 
which he will manifeft, either by fome 
plain event of his providence, or by fug- 
gefting fuch reafons as ought to determine 
the will to a wife choice. 

But to follow the inclinations of the 
will without reafon, only becaufe we find 
ourfelves ftrongly inclined to this or that, 
is a very dangerous way, and may engage 
us in very dangerous practices. 


Ephcf.v. 17. 


Sacra Privata. 

Majier. Servant. 

Death, in a very little time, may make 
the matter and the fervant equal. Let us 
anticipate this equality, by treating our 
fervants with companion ; having refpect 
to Chrift in the perfon of our fervant, to 
Chrift, who took upon him the form of 
a fervant for our fakes. 

Sacra Privata. 


Tuefday Meditations. 


Call upon me in the time of trouble^ Jo 
will I hear thee, and thou flialt praije me. 

OGOD, who feeft all our weaknefles, 
and the troubles we labour under, 
have regard unto the prayers of thy fer- 
vant, who (lands in need of thy comfort, 
thy direftion^ and thy help. 

Grant that I may fuffer like a Chriftian, 
and not grieve like an unbeliever; that 
I may receive troubles as a punifhment 
due to my paft offences, as an exercife 
of my faith, and patience, and humility, 
and as a trial of my obedience ; and that 
I may improve all my afflictions to the 
good of my foul, and thy glory. 

Thou alone knoweft what is befl for 
us : Let me never difpute thy wifdom or 
thy goodnefs. 

Pfalm 1. 15. 

Heb. xii. 7. 

Micah vii. 

I Peter iv. 

Matt. v. 


Sacra Privata. 

Direct my reafon, fubdue my pafTions, 
put a {top to my roving thoughts and 
fears, and let me have the comfort of thy 
promife, and of thy protection, both now 
and ever, for Jefus ChrinVs fake. Amen. 

If ye endure chaftening, God dealeth 
with you as with Jons ; for what Jon is he 
whom the father chafleneth not ? But if ye 
are without chaflijement , whereof all are 
partakers, then are ye baflards, and not 

I will bear the indignation of the Lord, 
becauje I have finned againfl him. 

If I am defpifed or flighted, I ought to 
confider it as a favour, fince this is a mark 
of God s children ; and therefore I ought 
to thank him for it, and not be angry 
with thofe whom he makes his inflruments 
to fubdue and mortify my pride. 

Rejoice in as much as ye are made far- 
takers of the Jufferings of Chrifl ; that 
when his glory Jhall be revealed, ye may be 
glad aljo with exceeding joy \ viz. Becaufe 
your reward will be proportionable to your 

Bleffed are ye when men Jhall revile you 

Sacra Privata. 

and perfecute you, and Jhallfay all manner 
of evil againjl you falfely for my Jake. Re 
joice, and be exceeding glad ; for great is 
your reward in Heaven ; for Jo perfecuted 
they the prophets which were before you. 

The myftery of the Crofs is to be 
learned under the Crofs. 

Fear not them which kill the body, but 
are not able to kill the foul : but rather 
fear him which is able to deftroy both body 
and foul in hell. Are not two f par rows fold 
for a farthing ? and one of them /hall not 
fall to the ground without your Father. 
The very hairs of your head are all num 

Humble yourf elves under the mighty hand 
of God, [under great afflictions which he 
fuffers to befal you] that he may exalt you 
in due time : Cafting all your care upon him, 
for he careth for you. 
Thy will be done. 

It is juft, great God, it fhould be fo ; 
for who fhould govern the world but he 
that made it ? And yet we poor creatures 
repine when any thing crofles our hopes 
or defigns. What ftrange unthoughtful- 


Matt. x. 28, 

I Peter v. 

Mat. vi. 10. 

Sacra Privata. 

nefs ! what prefumption is this ! And it is 
thy great mercy that any of us are fenfible 
of this folly, and become willing to be 
governed by Thee. 

With all my heart and foul, O God, I 
thank Thee, that in all the changes and 
chances of this mortal life, I can look up 
to Thee, and cheerfully refign my will to 

It is the defire of my foul, and my 
humble petition, that I may always be 
ready and willing to fubmit to thy provi 
dence, that Thou mayeft order what Thou 
judgefl to be moil convenient for me. 

I have trufted Thee, O Father, with 
myfelf -, my foul is in thy hand, which 
I verily believe Thou wilt preferve to 
eternal happinefs ; my body, and all that 
belongs to it, are of much lefs value. I 
do therefore, with as great fecurity and 
fatisfaftion, truft all I have to Thee, hop 
ing Thou wilt preferve me from all things 
hurtful, and lead me to all things profit 
able to my falvation. 

I will love Thee, O God ; being fatif- 
fied that all things, however ftrange and 

Sacra Privata. 

irkfome they appear, mall work together 
for good to thofe that do fo. 

I know in whom I have believed ; I 
have a Saviour at thy right hand, full of 
kindnefs, full of care, full of power ; he 
has prayed for me, that this faith fail me 
not ; and by this faith I am perfuaded, 
that neither tribulation, nor anguim, nor 
pcrkcution, nor famine, nor nakednefs, 
nor peril, nor fword, nor death which I 
may fear, nor life which I may hope for, 
nor things prefent which I feel, nor things 
to come which I may apprehend, fhall 
ever prevail fo far over me, as to make 
me not to refign my will entirely to Thee. 

In an humble, quiet, and dutiful fub- 
mifTion, let me faithfully run the race that 
is fet before me, looking unto Jefus, the 
author and finimer of our faith, who, for 
the joy that was fet before him, defpifed 
the fhame, endured the crofs, and is now 
feated at the right hand of God ; to whom 
I moft humbly befeech Thee to bring me 
in thy good time ; and for whatever mail 
fall out in the mean while, Thy will be 
done. Amen. 



82 Sacra Privata. 

Look unto 

HE was defpifed and rejected of men ; 
his life was fought for by Herod ; He 
was tempted by Satan ; hated by that 
world which He came to fave ; fet at 
nought by his own people ; called a de 
ceiver, and a dealer with the devil ; was 
driven from place to place, and had not 
where to lay his head ; betrayed by one 
difciple, and forfaken by all the reft ; 
falfely accufed, fpit upon, and fcourged; 
fet at nought by Herod and his men of 
war ; given up by Pilate to the will of 
his enemies ; had a murderer preferred 
before him; was condemned to a moft 
cruel and mameful death ; crucified be 
tween two thieves ; reviled in the midft 
of his torments; had gall and vinegar 
given him to drink ; fuffered a moft 
bitter death, fubmitting with patience to 
the will of his Father. 

O Jefu, who now fitteft at the right 
hand of God, to fuccour all who fuffer in 
a righteous way ; be Thou my Advocate 
for grace, that, in all my fufferings, I may 

Sacra Privata. 83 

follow thy example, and run with patience 
the race that is fet before me. Amen. 

Take all things that befal you as coming 
from God s providence, for your particu 
lar profit. And though they are evil in 
themfelves, yet as he permits, or does not 
think fit to hinder them, they may be re 
ferred to Him. 

God no fooner difcovers in your heart 
an ardent defire of well-doing, and of fub- 
mitting to his will, but he prepares for 
you occafions of trying your virtue ; and 
therefore, confident of his love, receive 
cheerfully a medicine prepared by a phy- 
fician that cannot be miftaken, and cannot 
give you anything but what will be for 
your good. See Ecclus. chap. ii. 

Lord, prepare my heart, that no afflic 
tions may ever fo furprife, as to overbear 

Difpofe me at all times to a readinefs to 
furTer what thy providence fhall order or 

It is the fame cup which Jefus Chrift 
drank of, it is he fends it. He fees it ab- 
folutely neceflary that I mud be firft par- 

8 4 

Matth. x. 

Matth. x. 


Sacra Privata. 

taker of his fufferings, and then of his 

And ye Jhall be hated of all men for my 
name-fake ; but he that fhall endure to the 
end, Jhall befaved. 

It is indeed grievous to nature to be 
thus treated ; but when it is for thy name- 
fake, O Jefus, and for the fake of thy 
truth, and for being true to Thee ; how 
lovely is this hatred, and how advanta 
geous when falvation is the reward ! 

The difciple is not above his mafler, nor 
thefervant above his Lord. 

He who keeps this faying in his heart, 
will never complain of what he fuffers, nor 
feek for any other way to fave himfelf, 
but by humiliation and the Crofs. 


O LORD, grant that whenever I fuffer, it 
may be for being faithful to Thee, and 
without drawing it unfeafonably upon my- 

We are in God s hands ; we often take 
ourfelves out of his hands, by trufting to 

Sacra Privata. 

the help and protection of men, more 
than that of God. 

God can render none miferable but thofe 
whom he finds finners. Let us apply this 
to ourfelves when in affliction, but not 
unto others, or to their perfonal faults. 

As many as I love, I rebuke and chaften: 
be zealous, therefore, and repent. 

BlefTed be God, who vouchfafes, by 
falutary chaftifements, to awaken us when 
we fall afleep through (loth and lukewarm- 

Grant, O God, that I may never mur 
mur at thy appointments, nor be exafpe- 
rated at the minifters of thy providence. 

In Thee, O Jefus, we find matter of 
confolation in every affliction that can pof- 
fibly befal us. 

All vifitations are from God. He is 
not delighted with the miferies of his poor 
creatures ; afflictions are therefore defigned 
for our good. He will either mew us the 
reafon of this vifitation, or make us reap 
the fruits of it. 

People that may be well difpofed, may 
yet live under the power of fome evil cuf- 



86 Sacra Privata. 

torn, which is difpleafing to God ; a man 
may have been guilty of fome great fin 
which he has yet never truly repented of, 
or been truly humbled for. This was the 
cafe of the fons of Jacob ; they had at 
tempted the life of, and afterwards fold, 
their brother, and endangered the life of 
their aged father ; under which guilt they 
parTed their life well enough for many 
years, till God vifited them ; and then 
they thought of their fin, confefied and 

God, by afflictions, often fits us for 
greater degrees of grace which he is going 
to beftow. 

Though I fuffer, yet I am well, becaufe 
I am what God would have me to be. 

Lord, do not permit my trials to be 
above my ftrength ; and do Thou vouch- 
fafe to be my ftrength and comfort in the 
time of trial. 

Give me grace to take in good part 
whatever fhall befall me ; and let my 
heart acknowledge it to be the Lord s do 
ing, and to come from thy providence, 
and not by chance. 

Sacra Privata. 

God makes ufe of afflictions Some 
times by way of prevention ; left I flwuld 
be exalted, faid St. Paul ; To reform 
them ; before I was afflicted, I went aj- 
tray ; To perfect them ; patience, cou 
rage, (ubmiffion to the will of God, are 
graces not fo much as underftood by peo 
ple who meet with no adverfities ; we muft 
through much tribulation enter into the 
kingdom of God; To prove men, and mew 
them for examples ; if a man had no ene 
mies, how could he mew his charity in 
forgiving them ? 

Afflictions are no marks of God s dif- 
pleafure. Jejus loved Mary and Laza 
rus, yet they were both afflicted. 

Punimment is due to fin. We muft 
be punifhed here or hereafter ; it is the 
caufe of all afflictions, and defigned by 
our gracious God to bring us to repen 

Profperity is a moft dangerous ftate ; 
we fancy it is owing to our merit, and it 
is followed with pride, neglect of duty, 

It is happy for us when God counts us 

i Cor. xii. 

Pfa. cxix. 

Ads xiv. 


John. xi. 5. 

88 Sacra Privata. 

worthy to fuffer for his name s fake. 

Afflictions, undergone with resignation, 
are the great teft of our love of God ; 
when we love him, then he chaftens us. 
May God fanctify all our afflictions to us 

May I receive everything from thy 
hand with patience and with joy. 

Remember me, O God, in the day of 
trouble. Secure me, by thy grace, from 
all excefs of fear , concern, andJaJnefs. 

Let the afflictions I meet with be in 
fome meafure ferviceable towards the ap- 
peafing of thy wrath. Let them prove 
the happy occafion of forwarding my con- 
verfion and falvation. 


WE are expofed to temptation all our days. 
Men are never more dangeroufly tempted, 
than when they think themfelves fecure 
from temptation. This is a proof of the 
power the devil has over them. 

We tempt God when we expofe our- 
felves unnecefTarily to dangers, through a 
falfe confidence of his affiftance. 

Sacra Privata. 89 

Defpair. Hope. 

GRANT, O God, that, amidft all the dif- 
couragements, difficulties, dangers, diftrefs, 
and darknefs of this mortal life, I may 
depend upon thy mercy, and on this build 
my hopes, as on a fure foundation. 

Let thine infinite mercy in Chrift Jefus 
deliver me from defpair, both now and at 
the hour of death. 


GRANT that I may receive the punimment 
of my fins with patience and refignation. 

Injuries . Perfecutwn . 

GIVE me, O God, an heart to confider, 
that man could have no power againft me, 
unlefs it were given from above. 


A CHRISTIAN mould not difcover that he 
has enemies any other way, than by doing 
more good to them than to others. If 
thine enemy hunger , feed him ; if he thirft> 
give him drink. He will therefore be 


9 o 

Ecclus. viii. 

Sacra Privata. 

careful not to lofe fuch occafions. 

Jefu ! whofe charity all the malice of 
thy bittereft enemies could not overcome, 
med abroad in my heart that moft excel 
lent gift of charity, the very bond of peace, 
and of all virtues. 

Rejoice not over thy great eft enemy being 
dead ; but remember, that we die all. 

Our enemies are our benefactors, pro 
curing for us a new right to heaven. 

1 pray God convert all thofe who hate 
us without a caufe. 

I befeech Thee for my enemies, not 
for vengeance, but for mercy ; that Thou 
wouldeft change their hearts by thy grace, 
or reftrain their malice by thy power. 

In Time of War. 

O SOVEREIGN Lord ! who for our fins art 
juftly difpleafed, I proftrate myfelf before 
Thee, confefllng my own fin and the fin 
of this people ; acknowledging the juftice 
of any fcourge which Thou malt think fit 
to bring upon us; and trembling to think 
how much I may have contributed towards 

Sacra Privata. 

9 1 

Thou haft already fpoken to us both by 
thy judgments and mercies, both by the 
fcarcity and plenty of bread ; and we have 
not regarded it. Thou haft taken away 
the lives of many, very many, in their very 
fins, by which numerous widows, and fa- 
therlefs children, have been left miferable. 

The fins of whoredom and drunkennejs ; 
of Jivearing, lying, and perjury ; of // //- 
gioufnefs, injuflice, and defrauding the pub- 
lick, are made light of. 

The fins of impiety, of prophanenefs, of 
defpijing the means of grace and falvation, 
are too common amongft us. 

What mall we fay, to prevail with God 
to avert the judgments which thefe fins 
deferve ? 

God be merciful unto us, and put a 
ftop to this torrent of wickednefs ; put thy 
fear into all our hearts, that we may re 
turn to Thee ; that we may repent, and 
bring forth fruit meet for repentance ; and 
that iniquity may not be our ruin. 

May the dread of thy now threatened 
judgments deter us from evil ; may thy 
goodnefs and patience lead us to repen- 

Sacra Privata. 

tance ; weaken the power of Satan; 
take from among us the fpirit of {lumber, 
of ignorance, and inconfideration. 

Let every one of us fee and feel the 
plague of his own heart, and fay, what 
have I done to bring theje evils upon us f 
So that bringing forth fruits anfwerable to 
amendment of life, we may efcape thy 
judgment now hanging over us ; and above 
all, thy judgment againft finners in the 
world to come. And this I beg for Jefus 
Chrift his fake. Amen. 

"Judgment Day. 

GRANT, O Lord, that I may be of the 
number of thofe that mall find mercy at 
that day. 


THE good Lord grant that I may give a 
proof of the fincerity of my converfion by 
a change of life. 

Sacra Privata. 

Wednefday Meditations. 


All theje things will I give thee. Get thee 
hence, Satan, for it is written, Thou 
flialt worfliip the Lord thy God, and him 
only flialt thoujerve. 

GREAT and glorious God, who alone 
art worthy of our love and fervice, 
cure me of, and preferve me from, the fin 
and vanity of admiring this world. 

Give me grace to renounce all covetous 
defires, all love of riches and pleafures ; 
to defire only what is neceflary, and to be 
content with what Thou, O Lord, think- 

Not to be troubled at the lofs or want 
of any thing befides thy favour : 

That no bufinefs, no pleafures, may 
divert me from the thoughts of the world 
to come : 


Matt, i 



Sacra Private. 

Luke vi. 24. 

I John ii. 

That I may cheerfully part with all 
thefe things, when Thou required it of me : 

And that I may be ever prepared to 
do fo, difpofe me to a temperance in all 
things, and to lay up my treafure in hea 
ven, for Jefus ChrirYs fake,. Amen. 

Woe unto you that are rich, for ye have 
received your confutation. 

A man muft have but little faith, who 
can read thefe words, and yet love riches, 
and the pleafures they afford. 

Lord grant that I may refift every 
temptation to the love of creatures j left 
they fteal my heart from Thee, my God, 
whom I defire to love with all my foul. 

I know that I muft in a great meafure 
renounce all other objects of my affection, 
in order to love Thee with all my heart. 
Lord, give me grace and ftrength to put 
this in practice. 

Love not the world, nor the things that 
are in the world: if any man love the 
world) the love of the Father is not in him. 

Grant, O God, that I may never hope 
to reconcile two things fo inconfiftent as 
the love of Thee and the world. 

Sacra Privata. 95 

Bleffed are the poor infpirit : for theirs 
is the kingdom of heaven. 

To be poor in fpirit is to be difengaged 
from wealth, to look upon it as a burthen, 
or as a truft. 

Having food and raiment, let us be there 
with content. 

And yet even the Chriftian world is not 
content without fuperfluities and excefs. 
Thefe diforders are not lefs criminal, be- 
caufe fo common. 

Give me, O God, the eyes of faith, that 
I may fee the world juft as it is; the 
vanity of its promifes, the folly of its plea- 
fures, the unprofitablenefs of its rewards, 
the multitude of its fnares, and the dan 
gers of its temptations. 

F aft ing. 

JESUS Chrift fpared not his innocent flem, 
but faded ; the {inner cherimeth his con 
tinually, refufing it nothing. 

Faffing is in fome fenfe a punifhment 
and expiation for pad fins, a remedy for 
prefent temptations, and a prefervative 
againft future. 

Matth. v. 3. 

i Tim. vi.8. 

9 6 


en. 4. 

Luke vi. 25 

Pfa. xxxix. 

Sacra Privata. 

My heart is Jmitten, and withered like 
grafs ; Jo that I forget to eat my bread. 

The humble and afflicted foul is not 
much concerned to pleafe the appetite. 

Woe unto you that are full, for ye fliall 
hunger ; that is, Ye whofe daily meals are 
feafts, who make profeflion of a life of 
fenfuality, who know not what it is to 
faft : woe to fuch Chriftians ! 

If we judge ourfelves with feverity, we 
mail be judged with mercy. 

In Time of Trouble. 

When thou with rebukes dofl correct 
man for iniquity, thou makefl his beauty to 
conjume away like a moth. 

MERCIFUL God, who in thy wife provi 
dence dofl fo order even natural events, 
that they ferve both for the good of the 
univerfe, and for the conviction of parti 
cular finners, fo that men mall have reafon 
to acknowledge thy glorious attributes ; 

1 do with great forrow of heart, but with 
all fubmiflion to thy good pleafure, confefs 
thy mercy as well as juftice to me in the 
judgments, afflictions, for rows, of this day. 

Sacra Privata. 97 

I acknowledge thy voice, O merciful 
God, I acknowledge my own tranfgreflions, 
which have provoked Thee to fpeak to me 
after this manner, and at this very time. 

O Lord, give me true repentance for 
all the errors of my life, and particularly 
for that which was in all probability the 
occalion of this affliction. 

Blefled be God, that my punimment 
was not as great as my crime. 

Blefled be God, that he has given me 
time to repent of the fin that provoked 
him to deal with me after this manner. 

Blefled be God, that when he fpake to 
me once, yea twice, that I regarded it at 

Good God of mercy, give me grace 
that I may not provoke Thee any more 
to repeat this word to me, but that I may 
faithfully perform thofe vows which are 
upon me. This I cannot do without thy 
gracious afliftance, which I moft humbly 
befeech Thee to vouchfafe me, for Jefus 
ChrifVs fake, who by his merits has pur- 
chafed this grace for all that faithfully afk 
it of Thee ; for his fake, O merciful God, 

98 Sacra Privata. 

grant me this grace. Amen. 

I do in all humility accept of the pun- 
ifhment of mine iniquities. 

I will hold my peace, and not open my 
mouth, becaufe it is thy doing and my 

I know, O Lord, that it is good for me 
to be in trouble, or Thou wouldeft not 
fufFer it fo to be. 

Let thy merciful kindnefs be my com 
fort, according to thy promife to all that 
love and ferve Thee. 


WE are to pray for the particular direction 
of God s Holy Spirit upon all great occa- 
fions ; we are humbly to depend upon, and 
cheerfully to expect it. 

In a Law- Suit. 

CONVINCE me, O God, if I am under 
any miftake in this affair. 

Direct, aflift, and fupport me under all 
the difficulties I mall meet with. 

Put an happy end, in thy good time, to 
this troublefome controverfy. 

Sacra Privata. 99 

Difpofe the hearts of thofe with whom 
we have to do, to peace and juftice. 

Give me grace to reft fatisfied with 
whatever mail be the ifliie, believing af- 
furedly, that God can make good any lofs 
I may fuftain, or fanctify it to my eternal 

Lord, in this, and in all other things I 
undertake, Thy will be done, and not 

manifeft thy will to me, preferve me 
from evil counfels, and from rafh enter- 


GRANT, O God, that I may with humility 
receive, and with perfeverance hold faft, 
all thofe truths which Thou haft revealed. 

1 thank Thee, O God, for thy holy 
word, and for that thou haft not left us, 
in the affair of eternity, to the uncertainty 
of our own reafon and judgment. 

Defend me againft all delufions of 
error ; the fnares of wit and learning ; the 
railleries of profane men ; and from de 
ferring the truth. Grant, O God, that 


Sacra Privata. 

John xvi. 


neither education, intereft, prejudice, or 
paffion, may ever hinder me from difcern- 
ing the truth. 

Open the eyes of all that are in error ; 
heal the wounds of the divided church ; 
that we may be one fold under one fhep- 
herd. Amen. 

The Holy Spirit Jhall guide you into all 

O Holy Spirit, make me to underftand, 
embrace, and love the truths of the gofpel. 

Give, O God, thy blefling unto thy 
word, that it may become effectual to my 
convention and falvation, and to the falva- 
tion of all that read and hear it. 

Give me grace to read thy Holy Word 
with reverence and refpecl, becoming the 
gracious manifeftation of thy will to men ; 
fubmitting my underftanding and will to 

Let thy gracious promifes, O God, con 
tained in thy word, quicken my obedience. 
Let thy dreadful threatenings and judg 
ments upon finners, frighten me from fin, 
and oblige me to a fpeedy repentance, for 
Jefus Chrift his fake. 

Sacra Privata. 101 

Caufe me, O God, to believe thy word, 
to obey thy commands, to fear thy judg 
ments, and to hope in, and depend upon, 
thy gracious promifes contained in thy 
Holy Word, for Jefus Chrift s fake. 

Give me a full perfuafion of thofe great 
truths, which Thou haft revealed in thy 
holy word. 

The gofpel will not be a means of fal- 
vation to him who reads, or hears it only, 
but to him who reads, loves, remembers, 
and practifes it by a lively faith. 

Caufe me, O God, rightly to under- 
ftand, and conftantly to walk in, the way 
of thy commandments. 

Grant us in this world knowledge of 
thy truth, and in the world to come life 
everlafting, for Jefus Chrift s fake. 

From hardnefs of heart, and contempt 
of thy word, good Lord, deliver us. 

Give us grace to hear meekly thy word, 
to receive it with pure affection, and to 
bring forth the fruits of the fpirit, to 
amend our lives according to thy holy 
word. Amen. 


Ecclus. xix. 


Sacra Privata. 


He that refifleth pleafures, crowneth 

his life. 

VOUCHSAFE me, gracious God, the graces 
of mortification and felf-denial, that my 
affections and fleih being fubdued unto 
the fpirit, and my heart and all my mem 
bers being mortified from all carnal and 
worldly lufts, I may ever obey thy bleff- 
ed will, through Jefus Chrift our Lord. 

All mankind being under the fentence 
of death, certain to be executed, and at 
an hour we know not of; a ftate of re 
pentance and felf-denial, of being dead 
and crucified to the world, is certainly the 
moil fuitable, the moil becoming temper 
that we can be found in, when that fen 
tence comes to be executed ; that is, when 
we come to die : Efpecially when we 
confider, that this fhort and uncertain 
time, allowed us betwixt the fentence and 
execution, will determine our condition 
for eternity. 

If this be the cafe of fallen man, as 

Sacra Privata. 103 

moft certainly it is, then thoughtlefs un 
remitting pleafure is the greateft inde 
cency ; a fondnefs for the world, the 
greateft folly ; andfelf-indulgence, down 
right madnefs. 

And confequently, the contrary to thefe, 
namely, a conftant ferioufnefs of temper, 
an univerfal care and exaclnefs of life, an 
indifference for the world, felf-denial, fo- 
briety, and watchfulnefs, muft be our 
greateft wifdom. 

And this difcovers to us the reafon and 
the neceflity of all the duties of Chrifti- 
anity, and of God s dealings with fallen 
man in this ftate of trial. 

For inftance : Jefus Chrift commands 
us to deny our/elves, and to take up our 
crofs daily, not becaufe he can command 
what he pleafes, (for he is infinite good- 
nefs, and can command nothing but what 
is good for his creatures) but becaufe the 
corruption of our nature requires that we 
mould be forbidden every thing which 
would increafe our diforder. 

And becaufe this diforder has fpread 
itfelf through all the powers of our fouls 


Sacra Privata. 

and bodies, and inclines us to evil con 
tinually, he requires that our felf-denial 
fhould reach as far as our corruption. 

He commands us, therefore, to deny 
our own wifdom, becaufe we are really 
blind as to what concerns our own true 
good, and mould infallibly ruin ourfelves, 
if left to our own choices. 

He commands us to deny our appetites, 
becaufe intemperance would ruin us. 

He forbids us to give way to our paf- 
fions, becaufe a thoufand evils will follow 
if we fhould do fo. 

He obliges us to keep a very ftrict 
watch over our hearts, becaufe from thence 
proceed hypocrify, covetoufnefs, malice, 
and many other evils. 

We are forbid to fet our hearts upon 
the world, and every thing in it, becaufe 
our eternal happinefs depends upon our 
[oving God with all our heart and foul. 

We are obliged to love our neighbour, 
and our very enemies, and are forbid to 
tate, to contend with, to hurt, to go to 
aw with him, becaufe this would exafpe- 
rate our minds, and grieve the Holy Spi- 

Sacra Privata. 105 

rit of God, by which we are fanctified ; 
being againft that charity which God de 
lights in. 

We are forbid all repining when God 
afflids us, becaufe, as fmners, fuffering is 
due to us. And becaufe our bodies have 
a very great influence over our fouls, we 
are commanded to f aft, and to be ftrictly 
temperate at all times, and to deny our- 
felves the love of fenfual pleafures and 

We are commanded to deny all the 
ways of folly, vanity, and falfe-fatisfac- 
tions, that we may be able to take fatif- 
faclion and pleafure in the ways of God. 

In fhort: In whatever inftances we 
are commanded to deny ourfelves, it is 
becaufe it is abfolutely neceflary, either 
to cure our corruption, or to qualify us 
for the grace of God, or to hinder us 
from grieving God s Holy Spirit, and 
forcing him to forfake us. 

The more we deny ourfelves, the freer 
we mall be from fin, and the more dear 
to God. 

God appoints us to fufferings, that we 


Sacra Privata. 

may keep clofe to Him, and that we may 
value the fufferings of his Son, which we 
mould have but a low notion of, did not 
our own experience teach us what it is to 

They that deny themfelves, will be fure 
to find their ftrength increafed, their af 
fections raifed, and their inward peace 
continually advanced. 

Having food and raiment, let us be there 
with content. 

Let us not imagine that excefs, luxury, 
and fuperfluity, and the love of pleafures, 
are lefs criminal, becaufe they are fo com 

Take up the Crofs. 

THIS is defigned as a peculiar favour to 
Chriftians, as indeed are all Chrift s com 
mands. Miferies are the unavoidable por 
tion of fallen man. All the difference is, 
Chriftians fuffering in obedience to the 
will of God, it makes them eafy ; unbe 
lievers fuffer the fame things, but with an 
uneafy will and mind. 

To follow our own will, our paflions, 

Sacra Privata. 107 

and our fenfes, is that which makes us 
miferable. It is for this reafon, and that 
we may have a remedy for all our evils, 
that Jefus Chrift obliges us to fubmit our 
will, our paflions, &c. to God. 

The good Chriftian is not one who has 
no inclination to fin, (for we have all the 
feed of fin in us) but who, being fenfible 
of fuch inclinations, denieth them con 
tinually, and fuffers them not to grow into 
evil actions. 

Every day deny yourfelf fome fatisfac- 
tion ; your eyes objects of mere curiofity ; 
your tongue, every thing that may feed 
vanity, or vent enmity ; the palate, dain 
ties; the ears, flattery, and whatever 
corrupts the heart ; the body, eafe and 
luxury; bearing all the inconveniences 
of life, (for the love of God) cold, hunger, 
reftlefs nights, ill health, unwelcome news, 
the faults of fervants, contempt, ingrati 
tude of friends, malice of enemies, calum 
nies, our own failings, lownefs of fpirits, 
the ftruggle in overcoming our corrup 
tions ; bearing all thefe with patience and 
refignation to the will of God. Do all 


Sacra Privata. 

Matt. viii. 

this as unto God, with the great eft privacy. 

All ways are indifferent to one who has 
heaven in his eye, as a traveller does not 
chufe the pleafanteft, but the morteft and 
fafefl way to his journey s end ; and that 
is, the way of the crofs, which Jefus Chrift 
made choice of, and fanctified it to all his 

The Son of Man has not where to lay his 

This mould fill us with confufion, 
whenever we are over-much concerned for 
the conveniencies of life. 

Our affections being very ftrongly in 
clined to fenfible good, for the fake of 
which we are often tempted to evil, and 
fall into great diforders, we mould refolve 
to facrifice our will to reafon, and reafon 
to the word of God. 

God does not require it of us, that we 
mould not feel any uneafinefs under the 
crofs, but that we mould ftrive to over 
come it by his grace. 

Virtues of an Holy Life. 
FERVENCY in devotion; frequency in 

Sacra Privata. 


prayer ; afpiring after the love of God 
continually; driving to get above the 
world and the body ; loving filence and 
folitude, as far as one s condition will per 
mit ; humble and affable to all ; patient 
in fuffering affronts and contradictions ; 
glad of occafions of doing good even to 
enemies ; doing the will of God, and 
promoting his honour, to the utmoft of 
one s power ; refolving never to offend 
him willingly, for any temporal pleafure, 
profit, or lofs. Thefe are virtues highly 
pleafing to God. 

Self-denial does not confift in fafting } 
and other mortifications only, but in an 
indifference for the world, its profits, plea- 
fures, honours, and its other idols. 

It is neceffary that we deny ourfelves 
in little and indifferent things, when reafon 
and confcience, which is the voice of God, 
fuggefts it to us, as ever we hope to get 
the rule over our own will. 

Say not, it is a trifle, and not fit to 
make a facrifice of to God. He that will 
not facrifice a little affection, will hardly 
offer a greater. It is not the thing, but 

I 10 

Sacra Privata. 

the reafon and manner of doing it ; namely, 
for God s fake, and that I may accuftom 
myfelf to obey his voice, that God regards, 
and rewards with greater degrees of grace. 

The greater your felf-denial, the firmer 
your faith, and more acceptable to God. 
The fmcere devotion of the rich, the alms 
of the poor, the humility of the great, the 
faith of fuch whofe condition is defperate, 
the contemning the world when one can 
command it at pleafure, continuing inftant 
in prayer even when we want the confola- 
tion we expected : Thefe, and fuch-like 
inftances of felf-denial, God will greatly 

They who imagine that felf-denial in 
trenches upon our liberty, do not know 
that it is this only that can make us free I 
indeed, giving us the victory over our- | 
felves, fetting us free from the bondage of 
our corruption, enabling us to bear afflic 
tions, (which will come one time or other) 
to forefee them without amazement, en 
lightening the mind, fanctifying the will, 
and making us to flight thofe baubles 
which others fo eagerly contend for. 

Sacra Privata. 

p. 300. 

Mortification confifts in fuch a fparing 
ufe of the creatures, as may deaden our 
love for them, and make us more indif 
ferent in the enjoyment of them. This 
lefTens the weight of concupifcence, which 
carries us to evil, and fo makes the grace 
of God more effectual to turn the balance 

c i -11 Chriftian 

of the will. 

Carnal man cannot comprehend that 
God loves thofe whom he permits to fuf- 
fer ; but faith teaches us, that the crofs 
is the gift of his love, the foundation of 
our hope, the mark of his children, and 
the title of an inheritance in heaven. But 
unlefs God fanctify it by his Spirit, it be 
comes an infupportable burthen, a fubject 
of murmuring, and an occasion of fin. 

He that loveth life, (that is, is fond of 
it) for the fake of the pleafures and ad 
vantages it affords, will foon lofe the love 
of heavenly things ; the love of God, of 
his foul, and of the duty he owes to them : 
He hates it, who does not value it in com- 
parifon of eternal life, which he hopes for. 
A Chriftian gives proof of this, by morti 
fying himfelf. 

I I I 


Sacra Privata. 

Thofe whom God loves, in order to an 
happy eternity, he weans from the plea- 
fures of this prefent life. 

Temperance confifts in a fober ufe of 
all earthly, vifible things, and in confining 
ourfelves within the compafs of what is 

With God all things are pojjible* 

THE Almighty God enable me to conquer 
the temptations of riches, and to get above 
the allurements of this prefent life ! 

Chriftian felf-denial is, to refift and cru 
cify in ourfelves the fpirit and inclinations 
of Adam, the flefh, its affections, and 
lufts, to die to our paffions, in order to 
follow the motions of the Spirit. 


NECESSARY to bring our hearts to a peni 
tent, holy, and devout temper; and to 
perform the vows that are upon us. 

By f aft ing, by alms, and by prayers, we 
dedicate our bodies, goods, and fouls, to 
God in a particular manner. 

Sacra Privata. 

Thurfday Meditations. 

Let no corrupt communication proceed out 
of your mouth y but that which is good to 
the ufe of edifying, that it may minifter 
grace unto the hearers. 

Fooliflj talking, and j eft ing, are not conve 

PRESERVE me, O God, from a vain 
converfation. Give me grace never 
to be afhamed or afraid to fpeak of Thee, 
and of thy law. 

Give me a lively fenfe of the value of 
religion, and make it the delight of my 
heart ; that I may fpeak of it with judg 
ment, ferioufnefs, and affection, and at all 
feafonable times. 

May that good Spirit, which appeared 
in the likenefs of tongues of fire, warm 
my heart, and direct my thoughts. 

Out of the abundance of the heart, the 

mouth fpeaketh. How can ye, being evil, 

fpeak good things ? By thy words thou 

Ephef. iv. 

Ephef. v. 4. 

Matth. xii. 

Pfa. cxli. 3. 
Pfa. xxxvii. 

Matth. v. 

I Thef. v. 
1 1. 

Heb. x. 24. 

Sacra Privata. 

flialt be juftified, and by thy words thou 
/halt be condemned. 

Set a guard, O Lord, upon my mouth, 
and keep the door of my lips. 

The mouth of the righteous fpeaketh wif- 
dom, and his tongue talketh of judgment. 

Hearts, truly touched with the love of 
God, will communicate light and heat to 
each other, will fpeak honourably of 
God, of his perfections, his juftice, good- 
nefs, wifdom, and power, the excellency 
of his laws, the pleafantnefs of his fer- 
vice, the inftances of his love, the 
rewards he has promifed to his friends, 
and the punimments he has prepared for 
his enemies. 

Let your light Jo fliine before men, that 
they may fee your good works, and glorify 
your Father which is in Heaven. 

Wherefore comfort your/elves together, 
and edify one another. 

Let us confider one another, to provoke 
unto love, and to good works. 

And let us join a good life to our reli 
gious converfation ; and never contradict 
our tongue by our deeds. 

Sacra Privata. 

We always do good or harm to others 
by the manner of our converfation ; we 
either confirm them in fin, or awaken them 
to piety. 

It is too true, that fome evil paflion or 
other, and to gratify our corruption, is the 
aim of mod converfations. We love to 
fpeak of paft troubles; hatred and ill- 
will make us take pleafure in relating the 
evil actions of our enemies. We compare, 
with fome degrees of pride, the advantages 
we have over others. We recount, with 
too fenfible a pleafure, the worldly happi- 
nefs we enjoy. This ftrengthens our 
parTions, and increafes our corruptions. 
God grant that I may watch againft 
a weaknefs, which has fuch evil confe- 

May I never hear, never repeat with 
pleafure, fuch things as may difhonour 
God, hurt my own character, or injure 
my neighbour. 

Speak not evil one of another. 

True humility makes us fee our own 
faults, without concerning ourfelves with 
the faults of others. 

James iv. 

1 1. 


Ecclcf. vii. 

Ephef. iv. 

Prov. xix. 

Sacra Privata. 

Againft Anger. 

Be not hafty in thy fpirit to be angry, 
for anger refleth in the bofom of fools. 

O Lord, who art a God ready to par 
don, flow to anger, and of great kindnefs, 
remove far from me all occafions and 
effects of caufelefs and immoderate anger ; 
all pride and prejudice, and too much 
concern for the things of this world ; all 
intemperate fpeeches and indecent paflions. 

Give me, O God, a mild, a peaceable, 
a meek, and an humble fpirit, that re 
membering my own infirmities, I may 
bear with thofe of others ; that I may 
think lowly of myfelf, and not be angry 
when others alfo think lowly of me ; that 
I may be patient towards all men, gentle 
and eafy to be intreated ; that God, for 
Chrift s fake, may be fo towards me. 

Be angry, and Jin not : Let not the fun 
go down upon your wrath. 

The difcretion of a man deferreth his 

A foft anfwer turneth away ftrife. 

Sacra Privata. 

He that is flow to anger is better than 
the mighty ; and he that ruleth his Jpirit^ 
than he that taketh a city. 

Be kindly affeftioned one towards another. 

Supprefs the very beginnings of anger. 

Do not ufe to indulge it even where 
there are real faults ; but try the gentle 
way, which may probably fucceed better, 
and, to be fure, with more eafe by far. 

Seldom do people vex us on purpofe, 
and yet prejudice very often makes us 
think that they do. 

A fenfe of one s own integrity will 
make one pafs by injuries more eafily. 

Be not too much concerned to tell the 
injuries you have received. 

Accuftom yourfelves to filence, if you 
would learn to govern your tongue. 

Deliver me, O God, from all violent 
and finful pafTions, and give me grace to 
ftand againft them. 

Blejfed are the meek. 

Inftrudt me, Lord, in this Chriftian 
virtue ; Thou who art the matter and 
teacher of it. 

Prov. xvi. 

Rom. xii. 

Matth. v. 4. 


Sacra Privata. 

Luke vi 37. 

James ii. 

For Forgivenefs of Injuries. 

For give y and ye ft all be forgiven. 

O God, who alone canft order the un 
ruly wills and affedlions of fmful men, 
mew mercy to thy fervant, in forcing 
my corrupt nature to be obedient to thy 

O God, who haft made it my everlaft- 
ing intereft, as well as my duty, to forgive 
my neighbour whatever wrong he has 
done me ; help me to overcome all the 
difficulties I have to ftruggle with, all 
pride, prejudice, and defire of rendering 
evil for evil, that I may not deprive my 
foul of that mercy which thine infinite 
goodnefs has offered to finners. 

He jhall have judgment without mercy, 
that hath Jhewn no mercy. 

O bleffed God, help me in this great 
concern, that I may never fall under thy 
wrath, for want of mewing mercy to 
others ; but, grant, O blefled Jefus, that 
in this I may be thy difciple indeed. 

Sacra Privata. 



The Son of Man came eating and drink- Match. 
ing, and they Jay y Behold a man gluttonous 
and a winebibber y a friend of publicans and 

Whatever meafure a good man takes, 
he will hardly efcape the cenfures of the, 
world ; the beft way is, not to be con 
cerned at them. 

It is an inftance of humility filently to 
bear the calumnies which are raifed againft 
us, when they relate to ourfelves only ; 
but it is a duty of prudence and charity 
modeftly to vindicate ourfelves, when the 
honour of God and the Church is con 

Both Jefus Chrift and John the Baptift 
were flandered : Who then will complain 
that they cannot fatisfy the world, and 
ftop men s mouths ? 

Deliver my foul, O Lord, from lying 
lips, and from a deceitful tongue. 

Envy makes us fee what will ferve to 


Luke xviii. 

Sacra Privata. 

accufe others, and not perceive what may 
juftify them. 

A truly good man is always difpofed 
to excufe what is evil in his brethren, as 
far as truth will fuffer him. 

Friday Meditations. 


The publican, flanding afar off, would not 
Jo much as lift up his eyes to heaven; 
but Jmote upon his bre aft, faying, God be 
merciful to me a finner. 


HAT would become of me, if 
Thou, O God, fhouldft not have 

mercy upon me ? 

When I ferioufly confider thefe dreadful 
truths, That all they are accurfed, who 
do err and go aftray from thy command 
ments. That the unprofitable fervant was 
caft into outer darknefs When I think of 

Sacra Privata. 

thefe things, I cannot but fear for myfelf, 
and tremble to think of the account I 
have to give. 

To this man will I look, even to him 
that is poor, and of a contrite fpirit, and 
trembleth at my word. 

The Lord is nigh unto them that are of 
a contrite heart : and will favefuch as be 
of an humble fpirit. 

Look upon me, gracious Lord, with an 
eye of mercy. 

For thy name-fake, O Lord, pardon my 
iniquities, for they are great. 

My only comfort is, they are not too 
great for thy mercy. 

And the Lord Jefus our Advocate has 

aflured us, even with an oath, That all 

fins fliall be forgiven unto the Jons of men. 

That is, if with hearty repentance and 

true faith they turn unto God. 

O moft powerful Advocate ! I put my 
caufe into thy hands ; let it be unto, thy 
fervant according to this word ; let thy 
blood and merits plead for my pardon ; 
fay unto me, as Thou didft unto the pen 
itent in thy gofpel, Thy fins are forgiven. 



Ifai. Ixvi. 2. 

Pfa. xxxiv. 

Pfa. xxv. 2. 


Matth. vi. 

John v. 14. 

Sacra Privata. 

And grant that I may live to bring forth 
fruits meet for repentance. 

If ye forgive men their trefpajfcs, your 
heavenly Father will aljo forgive your 

Even the power to perform this moil 
kind condition mult be from thy grace, 
O Jefus ! 

And I truft Thou wilt grant me this 
grace, becaufe the very will to afk it is 
from Thee, and from thy will, which wills 
nothing in vain. 

Perfect, therefore, O my Saviour, the 
work which Thou haft begun in me ; and 
let me feel the effects of thy grace in the 
conftancy of my devotions, in the care 
for my foul, in the faithful difcharge of 
my duty, and in all fuch acts of righ- 
teoufnefs, piety, and charity, by which I 
mall be judged at the laft day. 

Sin no more, left a worfe thing come unto 

Make me, O Lord, ever mindful of my 
infirmities and backflidings, that I may be 
more watchful, and more importunate for 


for the time to come. 

Sacra Privata. 

Blejfed are the merciful, for they /hall 
obtain mercy. 

Give me, O Lord, a true companion 
for the wants and miferies of others, that 
Thou mayeft have companion upon me. 

There is joy in the prefence of God over 
one finner that repent eth. 

Lord, increafe the number of penitents, 
and the joys of heaven, in delivering me 
and all finners from the power of the 
devil, and in vouchfafing us the grace of 
a true converfion. 

Bleffed are they that mourn : for they 
Jliall be comforted. 

O Lord, grant that I may feek for 
comfort, not in the things of this world, 
but by a fincere repentance for my fins, 
by which God is dimonoured, and his 
judgments hanging over my head. 

The Son of Man is come to feek and to 
fave that which was loft. 

O comfortable words for loft finners ; 
God himfelf feeks to fave them. O Thou, 
who fought me when I was aftray, fave 
me for thy mercy s fake, and preferve 
that which Thou haft fought and found. 


Matth. v. 7. 

Luke xv. 

Matth. v, 

Luke xix. 



Matth. ix. 

Phil. ii. 12, 

Micah vii. 

Ezra ix. 15. 

Numb. xiv. 

Ezek. xviii. 


Sacra Privata. 

Come unto me, all ye that labour, and 
are heavy laden, and I will give you reft. 

O Jefu, conduct and keep me to thy- 
felf, or I may furely mifs the way. 

Work out your ownfalvation, with fear 
and trembling ; for it is God that worketh 
in you both to will and to do of his good 

It was not in myfelf, O God, to begin 
the work of my conversion ; finim, I 
befeech Thee, what Thou haft begun in 
me ; may I clofe with thy grace, and 
perfevere unto my life s end. 

God retaineth not his anger for ever, 
becaufe he delight eth in mercy. 

O Lord God, behold we are before thee 
in our trefpaj/es ; we cannot ft and before 
thee for this. 

Pardon, I befeech Thee, the iniquity of 
thy fervant, according to the greatnefs of 
thy mercy. 

O fay unto me, as thou didft unto 
Mofes, / have pardoned thee. 

All his iniquities that he hath committed, 
they fhall not be mentioned unto him. 

Lord, be merciful unto us, for we have 

Sacra Privata. 

finned in the midft of light, and even 
againft light ; in contempt of the grace 
we received at our baptifm. 

If we confejs our fins , God is faithful 
andjuft to forgive us our fins > and to cleanfe 
us from all unrighteoujnejs. 

Thefe are comfortable words to one 
whom the fight of his fins has caft into a 
dread of the judgments of God. Both 
that dread, and the hatred of (in, and the 
dependance upon the promife of God, and 
the love that that produces in the foul, are 
owing entirely to the blood of Jefus Chrift. 

What is thy fervant, that thou fliouldft 
look uponfuch a dead dog as I am ? 

My only fupport is, that my fins have 
not put me out of the reach of that mercy 
which is infinite. 

Who can underftand his errors ? O 
cleanfe thou me from my fecret faults. 

O Lord, be favourable unto me; par 
don and deliver me from all my fins. 

Grant that my fins may never rife up 
in judgment againft me, nor bring mame 
and confufion of face upon me. 

My foul truly waiteth ftill upon God, 

I2 5 

i John i. 9. 

2 Sam. ix. 


Johnvi. 20. 

John viii. 

Sacra Privata. 

for of him cometh my falvation. 

// is I, be not afraid. 

Lord Jefus, in all the troubles that mall 
befall me, fpeak thefe comfortable words 
to my foul, // is /, be not afraid ; and 
then I mail be fecure both from prefump- 
tion and derpair. 

If ye believe not that I am he, (that is, 
the Meffiah, the Son of God) yejhall die 
in your fins. 

O Jefus, the only refuge of miners, does 
the world know what it is to die in fin ? 

1 believe, Lord, increafe my faith, 

and deliver us all from the dreadful ftate 
of final impenitency. 

If ye continue in my word, then are ye 
my difciples indeed. 

May I, O Jefus, love the truths of thy 
word ; make the gofpel my delight ; and 
continue in the practice of them to my 
life s end. 

If a man keep my faying, he Jhall never 
fee death. 

O Jefus, Thou haft made known to us 
another death, befides that which feparates 
the foul from the body. O may thy grace 

Sacra Privata. 

and mercy fecure us from the bitter pains 
of eternal death. 

Say the word, and my fervant fliall be 

I acknowledge, O Jefu, the almighty 
power of thy grace, to heal all the difor- 
ders of my foul ; O deal with me accord 
ing to the multitude of thy mercies, and 
heal my foul of its fad diforders. 

God is ajpirit : and they that worjhip 
him mufl worjhip him infpirit and in truth. 

Give me, O Jefus, an inward difpofition 
to holinefs, an humble and contrite heart, 
a dependance on the will of God, an ac 
knowledgment of his goodnefs, and a zeal 
for his glory ; to which all the ordinances 
of his law and gofpel mould lead us. 

Good U/e of Time. 

GRANT, O Lord, that as I have but a 
fhort time to live, and an eternal intereft 
depending, I may not fquander away one 
moment in vanity, or in that which will 
not profit me in the day of adverfity. 

Blindnejs in part is happened to Ifrael, 
until the fulnejs of the Gentiles be come in, 



vu. 7. 

John iii. 24. 

Rom. xi. 


Sacra Privata. 

and Jo all IJrael Jhall befaved. 

O God, the God of Abraham, look 
upon thine everlafting covenant ; caufe 
the captivity of Judah and of Ifrael to re 
turn. They were thy people ; O be Thou 
their Saviour, that all who love Jerufalem, 
and mourn for her, may rejoice with her, 
for Jefus Chrift s fake, their Saviour and 
our s. Amen. 

In time of pub lick Diftr actions. 

O SOVEREIGN Lord ! I proftrate myfelf 
before Thee, conferTmg my own fin, and 
acknowledging the juftice of any fcourge 
which Thou malt bring upon us ; and 
trembling to think how much I may have 
contributed towards it, befeeching Thee 
to have companion on us, in thefe days of 

O Lord, prevent the judgments that 
threaten us; purge this nation from all 
fuch crimes as may be the caufe of thy 
heavy difpleafure againft us, from whore 
dom and drunkennejs ; from/wearing, lying, 
and perjury, fromfacrilege, injuftice, fraud, 
difobedience, malice, and uncharitablenefs, 

Sacra Privata. 


Take from among us the fpirit of atheifm^ 
irreligion, and profanenefs ; and in mercy 
rebuke and convert all fuch as give en 
couragement or countenance to any of 
thefe vices, which may provoke Thee to 
give us up to infidelity or deftruction. 
O let thine anger be turned away from 
us ; give us not over unto the will of our 
adverfaries, and unto fuch as ftrive to 
bring all things into confufion. Preferve 
this Church in the midft of all dangers ; 
and reftore unto us peace and unity ; 
and grant us grace to make a better ufe 
of thefe bleflings for the time to come, 
for Jefus ChrinVs fake. Amen. 

We complain of opprefTion ; of our 
laws being perverted and trampled upon ; 
of arbitrary government, &c. Let us not 
be wifer than God, who judges thefe things 
to be neceflary to exercife the good, 
to punifh the wicked, to reclaim the fin- 
ner, to recover thofe that are going aftray, 
to make all ferious. Let us not im 
peach the ways of Providence, who brings 
good out of evil ; but reverence and (ab 
out to his will, his wifdom, and juftice. 

I 3 

Sacra Privata. 

Ifaiah Ixii. 

Te that are the Lord s remembrancers^ 


keep not file nee ; give him no reft y till he 

eftablijh and till he make Jerujalem (his 

Church) a praife on the earth. 

Thy kingdom come. Though we are 

altogether unworthy of the good times 

Thou haft promifed thy Church, yet we 

befeech Thee deprive us not of them. 

O Lord, hear; O Lord, forgive; O Lord, 

hearken, and do not defer thefe good 

days, for thine own fake, oh ! our God. 

We hope a day is coming when all the 

world will come and worfhip Thee, O 




Chrijfs Patience. 

WHAT forrows did he undergo, and with 

what patience did he fuffer them ! Patient 

when Judas unworthily betrayed him with 

a kifs ; patient when Caiaphas defpite- 

fully ufed him; patient when hurried 

from one place to another ; patient when 

Herod with his men of war fet him at 

naught ; patient when Pilate fo unrigh- 

teoufly condemned him ; patient when 

fcourged and crowned with thorns; pa- 

Sacra Privata. 131 

tient when his crofs was laid upon him, 
when he was reviled, reproached, fcoffed 
at, and every way abufed. Lord Jefus, 
grant me patience, after this example, to 
bear thy holy will in all things. 

Chrijfs Love and Charity. 

WHERE mall we take our pattern but 
from Thee ? Thou called thy followers 
thy friends. Thou didft (loop down to 
warn their feet, who were not worthy to 
untie thy (hoe. Thou didft forgive and 
reftore Peter, when he had abjured Thee. 
Thou didft vouchfafe to fatisfy Thomas, 
who would not believe but upon his own 
terms. Thou didft forgive and pray for 
thy bloody perfecutors. O thou Fountain 
and Pattern of Love, grant that I may 
love Thee above all things, and my 
neighbour as myfelf ! 


Sacra Privata. 

Deut. xxxii. 

John ix. 4. 

Saturday Meditations. 


O that they were wife, that they would 

confider their latter end. 
T*he night comet h when no man can work. 

A VERY gracious intimation. Lord, 
grant that I may never forget it; 
and that now y now, is the time, in which 
to provide for eternity. 

What a wife man then when he comes 
to die, would wim he had done, that he 
ought to do forthwith ; for death is at 
hand, and the confequences of a furprife 
moft dreadful. He will then wim, if he 
has not done it, with all his foul, 

Fir ft ; That he had made a juft and 
Chriftian fettlement of his worldly con 
cerns ; fo as not to be diftracted with the 
cares of this world, when all his thoughts 
fhould be upon another. 

Secondly ; That he had made his peace 
with God by a timely repentance. 

Sacra Privata. 

Thirdly ; That he had faithfully dif- 
charged the duties of his calling. 

Fourthly ; That he had weaned his af 
fections from things temporal, and loofened 
the ties which faften us to the world. 

Fifthly ; That he had crucified the 
flefh with its affections and lufts ; fo that 
being weary of this life, he might be more 
defirous of a better. 

Sixthly ; That by acts of juftice, mercy, 
charity, and alms, he may be entitled to 
the mercy of God at the hour of death. 

Seventhly ; That he had got fuch habits 
of patience and refignation to the will of 
God, during his health, as may render 
death, with all the train of miferies leading 
to it, lefs frightful and amazing. 

Rightly , and laftly ; That by a conftant 
practice of devotion preparatory for death, 
he had learned what to pray for, what to 
hope for, what to depend on in his laft 

And this, gracious Lord, is what I wifh 
for, what I pray for, and what I purpofe 
mall be the conftant practice of my life. 


2 Kings xx. 

Sacra Privata. 

Set thine houje in order^ for thou flialt 
die and not live. 

May God, who has every way provided 
for me, and put it into my power to be 
jufl to all men, charitable to the poor, 
grateful to my friends, kind to my fer- 
vants, and a benefactor to the publick : 
may He add this to all his favours, and 
grant that in making my laft will, I may 
faithfully difcharge all thefe engagements ; 
and that for want of that, no curfe may 
cleave to myfelf, or to any thing I mall 
leave behind me. Amen. 

But, above all things, I beg of Thee, 
O God, to enable me to fet my inward 
houfe, my foul, in order, before I die. 

Give me true repentance for all the er 
rors of my life paft, and ftedfaft faith in 
Thy Son Jefus Chrift ; that my fins may 
be done away by thy mercy, and my par 
don fealed in heaven. 

Whofo confejfeth, and forfaketh his fin, 
/hall have mercy. 

Behold, O God, a creature, liable every 
moment to death, proftrate before Thee, 
begging, for Jefus ChrirVs fake, that faith 

Sacra Privata. 

and repentance to which Thou haft pro- 
mifed mercy and pardon. 

Difcover to me, O Thou Searcher of 
Hearts, the charge that is againft me ; 
that I may know, and confefs, and bewail, 
and abhor, and forfake, and repent of all 
the evils I have been guilty. 

Have mercy upon me, have mercy 
upon me, moft merciful Father, who de- 
fireft not the death of a finner ; for thy 
Son Jefus Chrift s fake, forgive me all that 
is paft. 

And, O blefted Advocate, who art able 
to fave them for ever who come unto God 
by Thee, feeing Thou ever liveft to make 
interceflion for us, I put my caufe into thy 
hands : let thy power defend me ; thy 
blood and merits plead for me ; fupply all 
the defects of my repentance -, procure 
for me a full difcharge of all my fins be 
fore I die ; and by thy mighty grace, con 
firm and ftrengthen me in all goodnefs 
during the remainder of my life, that my 
death may be a blefling to me, and that I 
may find mercy at the great day. Amen. 

Put on the new man, which after God is 


Ephsf. i< 



Sacra Privata. 

created in righteoufnejs and true holinefs. 

This, O God, is what I defire and pur- 
pofe, by thy grace, to do ; and do again 
renew the vows which I have To often 
made, and often broke. 

I renounce the devil and all his works ; 
the vain pomp and glory of the world, 
with all covetous defires of the fame, and 
the carnal defires of the flefh, refolving, 
by thy grace, neither to follow nor be led 
by them. 

And, O God, aflift me, that neither 
{loth, nor corruption, may ever make me 
lay afide or forget thefe refolutions ; but 
that I may live to Thee, be an inftru- 
ment of thy glory, by ferving Thee faith 
fully ; and that I may be found fo doing 
when Thou art pleafed to call me hence, 
for Jefus Chrifl s fake. Amen. 

Set your affections on things above, not on 
things on the earth. 

And may Almighty God, who alone 
can do it, effectually convince me of the 
vanity of all that is defirable in this pre- 
fent life, that I may not, like an unbeliever, 
look for happinefs here. 

Sacra Privata. 

Give me, O Lord, a perfect indifference 
for the world, its profits, pleafures, honours, 
fame, and all its idols. 

Reprefent Thyfelf unto me as my true 
happinefs, that I may love Thee with all 
my heart, and foul, and ftrength ; fo that 
when I am called out of this world, I may 
rejoice in hope of going to the Paradife of 
God, where the fouls of the faithful enjoy 
reft and felicity, in hopes of a bleffed re- 
furrection, through Jefus Chrift our Sa 
viour. Amen. 

If any man will come after me, let him 
deny himfelf, and take up his crojs daily, 
and follow me. 

BlefTed Jefus, who pleafedft not thyfelf, 
but tookeft upon Thee the form of a fer- 
vant, give me refolution to deny my in 
clinations for the good things of this world, 
even while I may command them; to 
fubdue my corrupt affections, and to take 
revenge upon myfelf, for my intemperance, 
by mortification ; for miffpending my 
time, by retirement ; for the errors of my 
tongue, by filence ; and for all the fins 
of my life, by a deep humiliation, patiently 





Pet. iv. 8. 

Sacra Privata. 

fubmitting to all the troubles with which 
Thou fhalt think fit to exercife or punim 
me; fo that being effectually weaned 
from this world, and weary of its corrup 
tions, I may long to repofe myfelf in the 
grave, in hopes of a better life, through 
thy mercy and merits, O Lord Jefus 
Chrift. Amen. 

Chanty covereth the multitude of fins. 

PofTefs my foul, O God, with a fincere 
love for Thee, and for all mankind. 

Let no malice or ill-will abide in me. 
Give me grace to forgive all that have of 
fended me ; and forgive my many offences 
againft Thee, and againft my neighbour. 

Make me ever ready to give, and glad 
to diftribute ; that thy gifts, paffing through 
my hands, may procure for me the pray 
ers of the poor ; and that I may lay up 
in ftore for myfelf a good foundation 
againft the time to come, that I may at 
tain eternal life, through Jefus Chrift our 
Lord. Amen. 

Thy Will be done. 
FORTIFY my foul, bleffed Jefus, with the 

Sacra Privata. 

fame fpirit of fubmiffion with which Thou 
underwenteft the death of the Crofs, that 
I may receive all events with resignation 
to the will of God ; that I may receive 
troubles, afflictions, difappointments, fick- 
nefs, and death itfelf, without amazement ; 
thefe being the appointment of thy juftice 
for the punimment of fin, and of thy 
mercy for the falvation of finners. 

Let this be the conftant practice of my 
life, to be pleafed with all thy choices, 
that when ficknefs and death approach, I 
may be prepared to fubmit my will to the 
will of my Maker. 

And O that, in the mean time, my 
heart may always go along with my lips 
in this petition, THY WILL BE DONE. 

It is appointed unto men once to die; 
but after this the judgment. 

May the thoughts of death, and of 
what muft follow, by the grace of God, 
mortify in me all carnal fecurity, and 
fondnefs for this world, and all that is in 
it, the luft of the flem, the luft of the 
eye, and the pride of life. And O that I 


Heb.ix. 27. 


John v. 28. 

Sacra Privata. 

may make my calling and election fare, 
that I may die in peace, and reft in the 
mansions of glory, in hopes of a blefled 
refurrection and a favourable judgment at 
the great day. 

And may the confederation of a judg 
ment to come oblige me to examine, to 
try, and to judge myfelf, that I may pre 
vent a fevere judgment of God by a true 
repentance, and lead a life anfwerable to 
amendment of life, and that I may find 
mercy at the great day. 

All that are in the graves /hall hear his 
voice > and come forth ; they that have done 
good) unto the rejurreffiion of life ; and they 
that have done evil, unto the rejurreftion 
of damnation. 

May that dreadful word oblige me to 
work out my falvation with fear and trem 
bling, that through the merits of Jefus 
Chrift, I may efcape that dreadful doom ! 

And may the hopes of heaven and hap- 
pinefs fweeten all the troubles of this 
mortal life ! 

O Lord Jefus, who haft redeemed us 
with thy precious blood, make me to be 

Sacra Privata. 141 

numbered with thy faints in glory ever- 
lafting. Amen. 

let my name be found written in the 
Lamb s Book of Life at the great day ! 

1 thank Thee, O Lord, for all the fa 
vours of my life, and efpecially for that 
Thou haft vouchfafed me time and a will 
to think of and prepare for death^ while I 
am in my full ftrength, while I may re 
deem my mifipent time, and bring forth 
fruits meet for repentance. 

Let us confider death as a punimment, 
to which, as finners, we are juftly con 

But then let us look on it in another 
view, namely, as zjacrifice for fin, which 
God will mercifully accept of, in union 
with that of his Son, if we fubmit to it as 
due to our offences. 

It being a facrifice, it ought to be vo 
luntary ; being a debt^ it ought to be 
made out of love to juftice ; and, being 
ijatisfaftion, we muft be humbly refigned. 

My God, I humbly fubmit to it, and 
to thy juftice ; and truft in thy mercy and 
goodnejs, and promifes, both now, and at 


Sacra Privata. 

the hour of death. 

Death is inevitable ; the time uncertain ; 
the judgment, which follows, without ap 
peal ; and followed by an eternity of hap- 
pinefs or mifery. 

Lord, grant that I may confider this as 
I ought to do. 

Let me remember, that I mall come 
forth out of the grave, juft as I go in ; 
either the object of God s mercy, or of his 
wrath, to all eternity. 

He lives to no purpofe, who is not 
glorifying God. 

Our greateft hopes ihould lie beyond 
the grave. 

No man muft go to heaven when he 
dies, who has not fent his heart thither 
while he lives. 

Our greateft fecurity is to be derived 
from duty, and our only confidence from 
the mercy of God through Jefus Chrift. 

Sicknejs, if you confider it as painful to 
nature, and not as a favour from God, will 
be a torment to you. To make it really 
comfortable, believe it to be ordered by a 
loving Father, a wife Phyfician ; that it is 

Sacra Privata. 

the effect of his mercy for our falvation ; 
that, being fattened to the crofs, you be 
come dearer to God, as being moft like 
his own Son. God will loofe you when 
it is beft for you. 

We often hinder our recovery by truft- 
ing to phyfick more than to God : means 
fucceed juft as far as God pleafes ; if he 
fend difeafes as a remedy to cure the dif- 
orders of the foul, he only can cure them ; 
while you are chaftened, you are fure 
God loves you ; you are not fure of that, 
when you are without chaftifement. 

A timely preparation for death frees us 
from the fear of death, and from all other 

A true Chriftian is neither fond of life, 
nor weary of it. 

The fling of death is fin ; therefore, an 
holy life is the only cure for the fear of 
death. We ought to fear fin more than 
death, becaufe death cannot hurt us but 
by fin. 

To me to die is gain. 

O that I may be able to fay this, when 
I come to die ; and fo I mall, if I live as 


Phil. i. 21. 


Sacra Privata. 

becomes a Chriftian. 

Holinefs being a neceflary qualification 
for happinefs, it follows, that the holieft 
man will be the happieft, (for there are 
certainly degrees of glory) therefore a 
Chriftian mould lofe no time to gain all 
the degrees of virtue and holinefs he pof- 
fibly can ; and he that does not do fo, is 
in a fair way of not being happy at all. 

It concerns us more than our life is 
worth, to know what will become of us 
when we die. 

Who will pretend to fay, that he is not 
in a very few days to die ? 

The only happinefs of this life is to be 
fecure of a blefled eternity. 

Now is the time in which we are to 
chufe where and what we are to be to all 
eternity ; there is, therefore, no time to be 
loft to make this choice. 

No kind of death is to be feared by 
him who lives well. 

If we confider death as the night of 
that day which is given us to work in, in 
which to work out our falvation ; and that 
when the night is come, no man can work; 

Sacra Privata. 

how frightful muft death be to fuch as are 
not prepared for it ! and if we confider it 
as the beginning of eternity, it is ftill more 
dreadful. It is for this reafon called the 
King of Terrors ; and the Pfalmift, when 
he would exprefs the worft of evils, faith, 
The terrors of death are fallen upon me. 

If the Lord were f leafed to kill us, he 
would not have received a burnt-offering at 
our hands, neither would he have Jhewed 
us all thefe things. 

This is the comfort of all God s fer- 
vants : if he gives them opportunities of 
renewing their vows, and a will to do 
them ; if he accepts their alms and their 
good deeds, that is, gives them a heart to 
do fuch ; if he touches their hearts with 
a fenfe of their unworthinefs ; if he chaf- 
tifes them with afflictions; if he vifits 
them with his Holy Spirit, &c ; all thefe 
are reafons for a Chriftian to hope, that 
thefe graces are not in vain, but that God 
will crown them with pardon, favour, and 
happinefs eternal. 

And at midnight there was a cry made, 
Behold, the bridegroom comet h, go ye out to 

Judges xiii. 

Matth. xxv. 



Matth. xxv. 

Matth. xxv. 

Matt, xxvii. 

Rom. v.i. 

Sacra Privata. 

meet him. 

A terrible voice to all fuch as mall meet 
him, not as a bridegroom, but as an inex 
orable judge. 

Grant, O Lord, that I may not be of 
the number of thofe who dread thy coming, 
who cannot but with regret fubmit to the 
neceflity of dying, and who have neglected 
to prepare for death, till the laft hour. 

And the door was /hut. 

Death muts the door. No more to be 
done. It is then too late to repent, to re- 
folve, to promife, and to do, any thing. 

Watch, therefore, for ye know neither 
the day nor the hour wherein the Son of 
Man cometh. 

A perfon, whofe life is full of good 
works, whofe heart is devoted to God, 
whofe faith and hope are pure and fincere, 
will never be furprifed by death. 

Jefus Chrifl yielded up the Ghofl. And 
fo his death became a voluntary facrifice. 
Let mine be fo, O blefled Jefus ! Let thy 
death fanctify me; and let my {pint be 
received with thine ! 

Being juftified by faith, we have peace 

Sacra Privata. 

with God, through our Lord Jefus Chrift. 

Give me, O Lord, that defire and earn- 
eft longing, which I ought to have, for 
that happy moment, which is to releafe 
me from this ftate of banimment, and 
tranflate me to a better place, and grant, 
that I may never lofe the fight of that 
important moment. 

Let me, O God, have my lot and por 
tion with thy faints. 

When we come to die, the great enemy 
of our fouls will then attack us with all 
his ftratagems. It is good therefore to be 

If he attacks your faith, fay with St. 
Paul, I know whom I have believed; and 
I am perfuaded that he is able to keep that 
which I have committed unto him againft 
that day. 

I believe in God the Father, who hath 
made me and all the world. 

I believe in God the Son, who hath re 
deemed me and all mankind. 

I believe in God the Holy Ghoft, who 
fanctifieth me, and all the eledl people of 



John iii. 15. 

Luke xxiii. 


Sacra Privata. 

I give Thee hearty thanks, O Heavenly 
Father, that Thou haft vouchfafed to call 
me to the knowledge of thy grace and 
faith in Thee. Confirm this faith in me 
evermore, grant that I may die in this 
faith, and in the peace and communion of 
thy Holy Church ; and that I may be 
united to Jefus, the head of this Church, 
and to all his members, by a love that 
mall never end. Amen. 

Whofoever believeth in Jefus Chrifl fliall 
not perijh, but have eternal life. 

I believe ; Lord, increafe my faith ; 
and let it be unto thy fervant according 
to this word. 

This day /halt thou be with me in Pa 
ra dife. 

O blefled Jefus ! fupport my fpirit when 
I come to die, with this comfortable pro- 
mife, This day /halt thou be in paradtfe. 

We indeed fuffer juftly the fentence of 
death. O Thou, who didft nothing amifs, 
and yet didft fuffer for me ; remember me, 
O Lord) now that Thou art in thy kingdom. 

What terror, what affliction, can equal 
that of a Chriftian, who has never thought 

Sacra Privata. 

of weaning his heart from the world till 
he comes to die ; who can find nothing in 
this life, but what muft render him un 
worthy of mercy ! But the greateft of all 
miferies would be to defpair of mercy, and 
not to have recourfe to it. 

Need a perfon, who has received the 
fentence of death, be perfuaded to prepare 
for death ? And is not this our cafe ? 

Confider death, as appointed by God, 
as a necefiary penance, as the completion 
of the Chriftian facrifice, as a pafTage to 
a better life, as the deliverance of a pri- 
foner, as the recalling of an exile from 
banimment, as the end of all miferies : 
And then you will ftrip it of much of 
that terror which it has when confidered 
as an accident of nature only. 

And ye yourf elves like unto men that wait 
for their Lord. 

He who waits for his mafter will always 
endeavour to be in that ftate in which he 
defires to be found. 

A Chriftian mould not look upon death 
with anxiety, but with the fatisfaction of 
a good fervant, who waits with impatience 




Sacra Privata. 

Luke xii. 


Luke xii. 

for his matter s return, in hopes of being 
approved of. 

Be ye alfo ready, for the Son of Man 
cometh at an hour when ye think not. 

And are not fo many fudden deaths 
fufficient to convince us of the folly of af- 
furing ourfelves of one day ? Let every 
one of us, therefore, count himfelf of the 
number of thofe that are to be furprifed 
by death ; this will make us watchful. 

BleJJed is that fervant, whom his Lord 
when he cometh fliall findjo doing : that is, 
doing his duty. 

And then, miferable will he be, whom 
death furprifeth either doing evil, or doing 
nothing, or doing that which God does 
not require of him. Can one imagine, 
that the generality of Chriftians believe 
this truth ? Suffer me not, O God, to fall 
into a forgetfulnefs of it. 

We complain (faith Seneca) of the 
fhortnefs of life ; he anfwers, Vita,fijcias 
uti, longa eft. Life is long, if you know 
how to ufe it. But then it is Chriftianity 
only can teach us how to ufe our life ; 
namely, in working out our ownfalvation: 

Sacra Privata. 

And we are fure it is long enough for 
that, becaufe God has appointed it for that 
very end. 

As Christianity alone can take from us 
the love of life, fo it is this alone that can 
free us from the fear of death. 

Eternity adds an infinite weight to all 
our actions, whether good or bad. 

If we defire that our death mould, like 
that of Jefus Chrift, be a facrifice of love 
and obedience, we muft take care to make 
our life fo too. 

This woman was full of good-works and 
alms-deeds; and Jhe died. 

Happy that foul which death finds rich, 
not in gold, furniture, learning, reputa 
tion, or barren purpofes and defires, but 
in good works. 

dndtheyftoned Stephen, calling upon God, 
and faying, Lord Jefus, receive my fpirit. 

O my God, enable me to live to Thee; 
that when the hour of death mall come, I 
may thus with confidence offer up my 
fpirit to Jefus Chrift. 

Thou ftialt not know what hour I will 
come upon thee. 

5 1 

A6b ix. 39. 

A<5b vii. 59. 

Rev. iii. 3. 

152 Sacra Privata. 

Is it not then the higheft prefumption 
to perfuade ourfelves that we have always 
time fufficient, when Jefus Chrifl himfelf 
declares that we have not one moment 
certain ? 

Death being the effect and punifhment 
of fin, we ought to expect it with great 
fubmiflion, fince it honours God by expi 
ating of fin, and faves the man by punifh- 
ing the finner. 

It is purely for want of faith, that we 
tremble at the approach of our deliverer ; 
and which is to deftroy in us the reign of 
fin, and inflate us in that of glory. 

Let us refign up ourfelves to God, as 
to the manner in which it mall pleafe him 
to determine our lives, praying only that 
it may be to his glory and our falvation. 

What does it fignify how this houfe of 
clay perimeth, which hinders the perfect 
renovation of the foul, and the fight of God ? 
2 Cor. v. i. For we know, that if our earthly houfe 
of this tabernacle were diffblved, we have 
a building of God, an houfe not made with 
hands, eternal in the heavens. 

We know, we believe, we promife our- 

Sacra Privata. 153 

{elves this, but we think too feldom of it, 
and we ftill make lefs ufe of what we know, 
in order to wean our hearts from this 

Would we look upon our bodies as 
houfes of clayjuft ready to fall, we fhould 
think of that eternal houfe, we fhould figh 
after our native country, and be willing to 
leave a place of mifery and banimment. 

Remember, that death is thepunimment 
of fin ; we ought therefore to refign our- 
felves up to it in a Chriftian manner, look 
ing upon ourfelves as condemned to it in 

He who has lived and looked on earth, 
as in a place of banifhment, will look up 
on death as a gracious deliverance from it. 

Confider well, that life is given and 
continued for no other end, but to glorify 
God in working out our own falvation. 

A man goes with confidence to meet the 
bridegroom, when he has been faithful to 
him, and believes him to be his friend. 

And deliver them who through fear of Hcb. ii. 15. 
death were all their life long Jubjeft to 

154 Sacra Privata. 

Bondage is the fentence of rebellious 
flaves ; we were condemned to it in 
Adam ; and being under this fentence of 
death and the Divine Juftice, we ought to 
expect it with fubmifTion, and be always 
preparing for it. This is the only way to 
be fecure, and from fearing death when it 

Gather us, O God, to the number of 
thine elect, at what time and in what man 
ner Thou pleafeft ; only let us be with 
out reproach, and blamelefs; let faith, 
and love, and peace, accompany our lafl 

We look upon a body without a foul 
with horror. We can fee a body with a 
foul, which is like to die eternally, without 

Wretched man that I am, who mall 
deliver me from the body of this death ? 
I thank God, (I am delivered) through 
Jefus Chrift our Lord. 

Grant, O Lord, that though my out 
ward man decay daily, yet that my inward 
man may grow and increafe in piety and 
virtue unto the day of my death. 

Sacra Privata. 

He that hath lived bed will (land in 
need of mercy at the hour of death, and 
in the day of judgment; and he that 
hath lived the worft, has not finned be 
yond the efficacy of the blood of Chrift, 
provided his repentance be fincere. 

My God ! let thy glory be magnified 
by faving a finner, by redeeming a captive 
(lave, by enlightening an heart over 
whelmed in darknefs, by changing a wicked 
heart, by pardoning innumerable tranf- 
greflions, iniquities, and fins. 

If my hopes were placed upon any 
thing but the infinite mercies of God, in 
Jefus Chrift, which can never fail, I fhould 
utterly defpair. 

Whofoever Jhall call on the name of the 
Lord, fliall befaved. 

Thefe, my God, are thine own words ; 
give me leave to truft in them, to de 
pend on them, both now, and at the hour 
of death. 

/ have fini/hed the work which thou 
gave/I me to do. 

O Lord, the very beft of men come 
infinitely fhort of this pattern ; how then 


Afts ii. 21, 

John xvii. 



Gen. iii. 15 

Luke xxii. 

Sacra Privata. 

fhall I, an unprofitable fervant, appear 
before my Lord and Judge. 

The feed of the woman Jhall bruije the 
ferpenfs head. 

This, my God, is thy fure, thy eternal 
promife ; I believe it ; I truft in it ; I 
will hold me faft by it. 

Nevertheless, not my will, but thine be 

May I, O blefled Jefus, when my death 
approaches, breathe out my laft with thefe 
words, and with the fame fpirit of fubmif- 
fion ! 

Death of Friends. 

LET us caft our eyes upon fin, which is 
the caufe of death, and then we fhall weep 
with reafon. 

Preferve in us a lively fenfe of the 
world to come. 

And when I fhall not be able to pray 
for myfelf, the good Lord favourably hear 
the prayers of his Church for me. 

Grant that the fins which I have com 
mitted in this world may not be imputed 
unto me ; but that efcaping the gates of 

Sacra Privata. 

hell, I may dwell in the regions of light, 
with Abraham, Ifaac, and Jacob, until 
the day of the general refurreclion, and 
that I then may hear thofe joyful words 
of thy Son, Come, ye blejfed children of 
my Father , inherit the kingdom prepared 
for you from the beginning of the world. 

Grant that I may have a perfect con 
quer! over the world, fin, and death, 
through Chrift, who by his death hath 
overcome him who hath the power of 

This day /halt thou be with me in para- 

O Jefus, who hadft companion on this 
thief, even at the hour of death, have 
mercy upon me, who now repent of all my 
mifdoings. Suffer not the gates of para- 
dife to be mut againft me when I die, 
Thou that haft opened the kingdom of hea 
ven to all believers. 

Reftore my foul, at the great day, to 
life eternal. 

Give me the patience of Job, the faith 
of Abraham, the courage of Peter, and 
the comfort of Paul, and a true fubmiflion 


Luke xxiii 

i 5 8 

Pfa. Ixxi. 9. 

Pfa. Ixxiii. 

I Sam. iii, 

Sacra Privata. 

to thy will. 

Apply to my foul all the wholefome 
medicines of thy Son s paffion, death, and 
refurredtion, againft the powers of Satan, 
againft all unreafonable fears and defpair, 
and eafe my fearful confcience. 

Hear the prayers of thy Church for me, 
and for all in my condition, for Jefus 
Chrift s fake. 

Cafl me not away in the time of age ; 
forfake me not when my ftrength faileth me. 

Grant, O Lord, that the end of my life 
may be truly Chriftian ; without fin, 
without mame, and, if it fo pleafe Thee, 
without pain. 

My flejh and my heart faileth : but God 
is the flrength of my hearty and my portion 
for ever. 

It is the Lord ; let him do what Jeemeth 
him good. 

Lord, be merciful unto me, heal my 
foul, for I have finned againft Thee. 

I confefs my wickednefs, and am forry 
for my fin. 

For thy name-fake, O Lord, be merci 
ful unto my fin, for it is great. 

Sacra Privata. 

The Lord is nigh unto them that are 
of a contrite heart, and will fave fuch as 
are of an humble fpirit. 

And now, Lord, what is my hope ? truly 
my hope is in I hee. 

Lord, thou knoweft whereof we are made ; 
that we are but duft. 

Let my mifery, my fear, my forrow, 
move Thee to companion. 

Defpife not, O Lord, the work of thine 
own hands. 

I freely forgive all that have offended 


O Thou that never faileft them that feek 
Thee, have pity on me. 

Neverthelefs, though I am fometimes 
afraid, yet put I my truft in Thee. 

O Lord, I befeech Thee, deliver my 
foul. Gracious is the Lord, and righte 
ous; yea, our God is merciful. 

O go not far from me, for trouble is at 
hand, and there is none to help me. 

The forrows of my heart are enlarged : 
O bring Thou me out of my troubles. 

O keep my foul, and deliver me ; let 
me not be confounded, for I have put 

Pfa. xxxix. 

Pfa. ciii. 14. 


Sacra Privata. 

my truft in Thee. 

Withdraw not thy mercy from me, O 
Lord ; let thy loving kindnefs and thy 
truth always preferve me. 

O Lord, let it be thy pleafure to deliver 
me ; make hafte, O Lord, to help me. 

Shew thy fervant the light of thy coun 
tenance, and fave me for thy mercy s fake. 

O deliver me, for I am helplefs and 
poor, and my heart is wounded within me. 

Wherefore hideft Thou thy face, and 
forgetteft our mifery and trouble ? 

My God ! fave thy fervant, who putteft 
his truft in Thee. 

Thou, O Lord, art full of companion 
and mercy, long-fuffering, plenteous in 
goodnefs and truth. 

When I am in heavinefs, I will think 
upon God ; when my heart is vexed, I 
will complain. 

Will the Lord abfent himfelf for ever ? 
Will he be no more intreated ? 

Hath God forgotten to be gracious ? 
And I faid, it is mine own infirmity ; 
but I will remember the years of the right- 
hand of the Moft High. 

Sacra Privata. 

Sell all that ye have, and give to the 
poor. That is, renounce all the pleafures 
that wealth affords, rather than defraud 
the poor and diftreffed of their right : It 
is utterly impoffible to take delight in 
wealth, and love God with all the foul. 

For as much, (for as often) as ye have 
done it unto one of the leafl of thefe my 
brethren, ye have done it unto me. 

As often ! Who then would mifs any 
occafion? The leafl: Who then would 
defpife any object ? To me : So that in 
ferving the poor, we ferve Jefus Chrift. 
O comfortable declaration ! 

Whojoever fliall give you a cup of water 
to drink in my name, becaufe ye belong to 
Chrift ; verily, (with an oath he aflures 
us) he Jhall not lofe his reward. 

This fhould always, if poflible, be our 
intention : This poor, oppreJJ ed, miferable 
man, belongs to Chrift. This would 
wonderfully enhance the value of our good 
deeds before God. 

And though I beftow all my goods to feed 


Luke xii. 

Matth. xxv. 

Mark ix. 

I Cor. xiii. 



Gal. vi. 10. 

Luke iii. 

Sacra Privata. 

the poor, and have not charity y it profiteth 
me nothing. 

If external acts of charity do not pro 
ceed from charity, that is from a love of 
God, and of our neighbour for his fake, 
they are as nothing in the fight of God. 
My God, pour into my heart this moft 
excellent gift of charity, the very bond of 
peace and of all virtue. 

Let us do good unto all men. 

He who feeks for Jefus Chrift in his 
poor, in order to relieve and aflift him, will 
not be too felicitous to find any other 
merit in them than that of Jefus Chrift. 

For our earthly things, O Lord, give 
us heavenly ; for temporal, eternal. 

He that hath two coats, let him impart 
to him that hath none. 

That is, let him that hath plenty, and 
to fpare, of the neceflaries of life, let him 
give to him that wants. 

The proportion of charity, appointed 
by God himfelf to his own people, for the 
relief of the poor, was every year a thir 
tieth part of all their income, or a tenth 
every third year. 

Sacra Privata. 

This was the Jew s proportion. He 
that came fhort of this was a breaker of 
the law, and without repentance and ref- 
titution, had no hopes of pardon. 

The Chriftian s proportion ought to be 
greater, as his hopes and reward will be 

We fhould, in all our chanties, direct 
our eye towards Chrift in his members ; 
it is this which heightens the fmalleft gifts. 
Men reward what is done on human mo 
tives : God, fuch as are done for his fake. 

He that for his good actions expects 
the applaufe of men, runs the hazard of 
lofmg the reward of God. 

The poor are, as it were, the receivers 
of the rights and dues belonging unto 
God ; we muft have a care of defrauding 

But rather give alms of Juch things as 
you have, (or as you are able) and all 
things are clean to you. That is, propor 
tion your alms to your eftate, left God 
proportion your eftate to your alms. 

It is a neceflary Chriftian duty (what 
ever men think of it,) to part with our 


Luke xi.4i. 


Sacra Privata. 

Rom. xii. 

worldly enjoyments for the fake of Chrift. 

The very beft of men are only inftru- 
ments in God s hands, to receive and to 
give what God beftows upon them. And 
this they mould do, without any defire of 
glory, or felf-intereft. 

Let us make light of money and riches, 
and fend it before us into the heavenly 
treafures, where neither moth nor ruft 
doth corrupt ; but where it will be kept, 
to our eternal advantage, under the cuf- 
tody of God himfelf. 

Thou, O Lord, haft been all mercy to 
me ; grant that I may be all mercy to 
others for Chrift s fake. 

Remember to give to thofe that are 
amamed to aik ; and do not forget your 
poor relations, left you be worfe than an 

He that fheweth mercy, let him do it with 

The good Lord preferve me from va 
nity, and from feeking applaufe for my 

Not unto me, but unto Thee, O God, 
be the thanks, and praife, and glory. 

Sacra Privata. 165 

The merit of the poor is not to be the 
rule of our charity. God himfelf maketh 
his fun to mine upon the evil and the 

If we would but moderate our vanity, 
we mould always have enough for charity. 

Send thy blerfing upon my fubftance, 
and continue to me a willing mind to help 
fuch as have need according to my ability. 

Good advice, and devout petitions, 
mould accompany our charity. 

O God, who knoweft the necefTities of 
all thy creatures, give thy poor the fpi- 
ritual graces they ftand in need of. 

Support thy poor members, O Jefu, 
under all their difficulties, and fanctify 
their bodily wants to the falvation of their 

Lord, grant that they may bear their 
poor eftate with patience and resignation, 
and that we may one day meet in the pa- 
radife of God. 

Jefus Chrift is continually humbled in 
his members; fome are poor, in prifon, 
fick, naked, hungry, &c. Let me, O 
Lord, fee and help Thee in all thefe objedts. 


Sacra Privata. 

Pfa. cxii. 5. 

i John Hi. 

I John in. 

A man that has faith will be glad to 
difcharge himfelf of fome part of the bur 
then of temporal goods, in order to fecure 
thofe that are eternal ; and to be in fome 
meafure the preferver of his brethren. 

A good (a charitable) man will guide his 
affairs with difcretion ; that is, he will cut 
off and retrench all needlefs expenfes in 
apparel, diet, diverfions, &c. that he may 
give to him that needeth. 

Let your alms be in fecret as much as 
may be. 

Charity ; or, the Love of God and 
our Neighbour. 

IT is but the firft efTay of charity to give 

Whoever mews mercy to men will cer 
tainly receive mercy from God. 

Whofoever hateth his brother r , is a mur 

A man has already killed him in his 
heart, whofe life is grievous to him, and 
at whofe death he would rejoice. 

He that loveth not his brother, abideth 
in death. 

Sacra Privata. 

Can we believe that it is God that faith 
this, and delay one moment to be recon 
ciled ? 

It is not enough to love our brethren ; 
we muft love them upon a principle of 
faith, in the name, for the fake, and as 
members of Jefus Chrift. 

Forgive, and it jhall be forgiven you. 

Give me, O my God, a heart full of 
Chriftian meeknefs and charity, that I may 
willingly forget the evil I have received, 
and be always difpofed to do good to 

We love our neighbour after a Chriftian 
manner, when we love him for God s fake ; 
and for God s fake do him good. 


O GOD the Father of Heaven ; have 
mercy upon me, keep, and defend me. 

O God the Son, Redeemer of the 
world ; have mercy upon me, fave and de 
liver me. 

O God the Holy Ghoft ; have mercy 
upon me, ftrengthen and comfort me. 

Remember not, Lord, mine offences, 


Luke vl. 37. 


Sacra Privata. 

nor the offences of my forefathers ; neither 
take Thou vengeance of our fins : Spare 
us, good Lord, fpare thy people, whom 
Thou haft redeemed with thy moft pre 
cious blood, and be not angry with us for 

From thy wrath and heavy indignation ; 
from the guilt and burden of my fins ; 
from the dreadful fentence of the laft 
judgment ; 

Good Lord, deliver me. 

From the fting and terrors of confer 
ence ; from impatience, diftruft, and de- 
fpair ; from extremity of ficknefs and pain, 
which may withdraw my mind from God ; 

Good Lord, deliver me. 

From the bitter pangs of eternal death ; 
from the gates of hell , from the powers 
of darknefs ; and from the illufions of 
Satan ; 

Good Lord, deliver me. 

By thy manifold and great mercies ; by 
thy manifold and great merits ; by thine 
agony and bloody fweat ; by thy bitter 

Sacra Privata. 169 

crofs and paflion ; by thy mighty refur- 
re<5Hon ; by thy glorious afcenfion, and 
moft acceptable intercefTion ; and by the 
graces of the Holy Ghoft ; 
Good Lord, deliver me. 

For the glory of thy name ; for thy 
loving mercy and truth s fake ; 
Good Lord, deliver me. 

In my laft and greater! need ; in the 
hour of death ; and in the day of judgment ; 

Good Lord, deliver me. 

As Thou haft delivered all thy faints 
and fervants which called upon Thee in 
their extremity ; 

Good Lord, deliver me; and receive 
my foul for thy mercy s fake. 

Be merciful unto me, and forgive me 
all my fins, which, by the malice of the 
devil, or by my own frailty, I have at any 
time of my life committed againft Thee. 

Lay not to my charge, what in the luft 
of the eye, the pride of life or vanity, I 
have committed againft Thee. 

Lay not to my charge, what by an an 
gry fpirit, by vain and idle words, by 

170 Sacra Privata. 

foolifh jefting, I have committed againft 

Make me partaker of all thy mercies 
and promifes in Chrift Jefus. 

Vouchfafe my foul a place of reft in the 
Paradife of God, with all thy blefled 
faints : and my body a part in the blefled 

O Lord God, Lamb of God, that takeft 
away the fins of the world ; 

Have mercy upon me. 

Thou that takeft away the fins of the 
world ; 

Grant me thy peace. 

Thou that fitteft at the right hand of 

Have mercy upon me. 

Have mercy upon me, and receive my 
prayer ; even the prayer which Thou haft 
taught me : 

Our Father which art in Heaven, &c. 

O Lord, deal not with me after my fins; 
neither reward me after mine iniquities. 
O God, merciful Father, that defpifeft 

Sacra Privata. 


not the fighing of a contrite heart, nor the 
defires of fuch as be forrowful ; mercifully 
afTift my prayers which I make before 
Thee at fuch times efpecially as I am 
preparing for death and for eternity. And, 
O Lord, gracioufly hear me, that thofe 
evils, thofe illufions, and aflaults, which 
my great enemy worketh againft me, may 
be brought to nought, and by the provi 
dence of thy goodnefs they may be dif- 
perfed ; that thy fervant, being delivered 
from all temptations, may give thanks to 
Thee, with thy Holy Church, to all eter 
nity. Amen. 

Let us endeavour, by a timely repen 
tance, to prevent the reproaches which 
otherwife our confciences will caft upon us 
at the hour of death. 

The Support of a Penitent at the 
Hour of Death. 

God Jo loved the world, that he gave his 
only begotten Son, that whojoever believeth 
in him Jhould not perifli, but have everlaft- 
ing life. 

IVe have an Advocate with the Father, 

John iii. 16. 

I John ii. 


Sacra Privata. 

Jefus Chrift the righteous^ who came 
into the world to fave finners, who died 
for us when we were his enemies, that he 
might offer us unto God. 

It is our Judge himfelf who hath af- 
fured us, that all fins Jhall be forgiven unto 
the Jons of men. 


TAKE from me all evil imaginations, 
all impurity of thought, all inclinations 
to luft, all envy, pride, and hypocrify, 
all falfehood, deceit, and an irregular life, 
all covetoufnefs, vain-glory, and floth, 
all malice, anger, and wrath, all re 
membrance of injuries, every thing that 
is contrary to thy will, O moft holy God ! 

May I never hear with pleafure, nor 
ever repeat fuch things as may difhonour 
God, or injure my neighbour or my own 

O give me light to fee, an heart to clofe 
with, and power to do thy will, O God. 

Love of God, &c. 
BLESS me, O God, with the love of Thee, 

Sacra Privata. 

and of my neighbour. Give me peace of 
conference, the command of my affections ; 
and for the reft, Thy will be done ! 

O King of Peace, give us thy peace, 
keep us in love and charity ! 

Make thyfelf, O God, the abfolute 
mafter of my heart ! 

They that be whole need not a Phyfician. 
It belongs to Thee, O Sovereign Phyfician, 
to make us fenfible of our maladies, and 
to make us go to Thee for help. O fay 
unto my foul this word of falvation, Be 
hold, thou art made whole. 

Without me ye can do nothing. Mifer- 
able indeed is he who pretends to walk 
without Thee. O give me light to fee, 
an heart to clofe with, and a power to do 
thy will. From thy Spirit I hope to re 
ceive thefe graces. 

If any manferve me, let him follow me; 
and him will my Father honour. 

Let me never flatter myfelf that I ferve 
Thee, my Saviour, unlefs I follow thy ex 
ample at the expence of every thing I love 
or fear bcfides. O keep my heart fixed 
upon that honour which God has prepared 


Johnxii. 26. 

174 Sacra Privata. 

for thofe that follow Thee. 

O Divine Spirit, render me worthy of 
thy prefence and confolation. 

Fill my heart with an holy dread of 
thy judgments. 

Give me a true fenfe and knowledge of 
the danger and the evil of fin ; and may 
I, with a prudent moderation only, be 
concerned for temporal things. 

Jefus Chrift is always in his temple, 
and near you, (if your foul be fit for him 
to dwell in) to Him apply on all occa- 
fions : 

As your Mafler, for grace to ftudy, to 
love, and to follow his inftruclions. He 
requires nothing but what he firft practifed 

As your Lord, that you may love and 
ferve him faithfully, and fulfil all his com 
mands : 

As your Pattern, that you may follow 
his example, and imitate his virtues : 

As your Saviour, that he may be your 
refuge and confidence, your ftrength and 
fupport, your peace and confolation, your 
Saviour now and at the hour of death : 

Sacra Privata. 

As your King, that he may give laws 
to your foul, and that you may furrender 
yourfelf to his commands ; and never re 
bel, or refift his authority : 

As your Shepherd. Keep me in thy 
flock by thy almighty grace. I am one 
of the loft meep which Thou earned to 
feek. Take me under thy care, and re- 
ftore me to thy fold. Increafe thy flock 
for the honour of thy name. 

Wilful Sin. 

LET me rather chufe to die, than to fin 
againft my confcience. 


I AM afhamed to come before Thee, but 
I muft come or perifh. I know that Thou 
art angry with me for my fins, but I know 
too that Thou pitieft me, or why do I yet 
live ? Make me full of forrow for my fin, 
and full of hopes of thy mercy and par 
don. Look upon the infirmities of thy 
fervant, and confider his weaknefs. Sen- 
fible of my own fad condition, weak and 
miferable, finful and ignorant, liable to 

1 7S 

i 7 6 

Sacra Privata. 

Matt. v. 48, 

eternal death, I proftrate myfelf before 
Thee, imploring thy help and pardon. 

Gracious God, never abandon me to 
the oppofltion I mall at any time make to 
thy grace. 

BlefTed be God, that he has fo often 
prevented me, and not left me to the de- 
fires of my own heart. 

Put a ftop to the torrent of wickednefs 
and profanenefs, which carries all before 

I confefs my fins to Thee, O God ; 
do Thou hide them from all the world. 

Eternity. Lord imprint upon my heart 
a lively idea of eternity, that the forrow- 
ful paflages of this life, which are fo un- 
eafy and frightful to nature, may vanifh, 
or be borne with patience. 

Example. Pardon my fin, and forgive 
all fuch as have been mifled by any evil 
example of mine. 

Be ye perfeft, even as your Father which 
is in Heaven is perfeff. 

O divine repairer of our corrupt nature, 
may thy all-powerful grace make me as 
perfect as Thou haft commanded me to be ! 

Sacra Privata. 


O GOD, who haft called me to holinefs, 
give me a firm faith in thy power, through 
our Lord Jefus Chrift, that by his aflift- 
ance I may get the maftery over all my 
fins and corruptions ; that I may be re 
deemed from all iniquity ; that I may be 
holy, as he who has called me is holy. 

PofTefs my foul with an earneft defire 
of pleafing Thee, and with a fear of of 
fending Thee. 

Let me be ever ready to forgive inju 
ries, and backward to offer any. 

Give me, O Lord, faith and patience, 
that I may neither murmur at thy ap 
pointments, nor be angry againft the in- 
ftruments of thy juftice. 

Deliver me from the errors and vices 
of the age I live in, from infidelity, wicked 
principles, from profanenefs, herefies, and 

I moft heartily thank Thee, O God, 
for thy perpetual care of me, for all thy 
mercies beftowed upon me, for the blef- 
fings of nature and of grace. 

A A 


John xvi. 

Sacra Privata. 

Grant, O God, that I may never re 
ceive thy grace in vain, but that I may 
live like one who believes and hopes for 
the joys of heaven. 

Let me ever be forry for my fins, 
thankful for thy blefTmgs, fear thy judg 
ments, love thy mercies, remember thy 

Give me an humble mind, a godly fear, 
and a quiet confcience. Weaken, O Lord, 
the power of Satan in this place, and the 
tyranny of his minifters. 

In Time of Peftilence or Danger. 

SET thy faving mark upon our houfes, and 
give order to the deftroyer not to hurt us. 

Verily , verily, I fay unto you, Whatjoever 
ye Jhall afk the Father in my name, he will 
give it you. 

Upon this promife, blefled Lord, I de 
pend ; befeeching Thee, O heavenly Fa 
ther, for thy dear Son s fake, to give me 
the graces I moft ftand in need of. 

After Prayers. 
VOUCHSAFE us thofe graces and bleffings 

Sacra Privata. 179 

which thou knoweft to be needful for us, 
notwithftanding our great unworthinefs. 

Riches. Shut my heart, O Lord, againft 
the love of worldly riches, left I betray 
Thee, as Judas did. 

May thy Holy Spirit, O God, fill my 
heart, that it may appear in all my words 
and actions, that I am governed by it. 

And when he Jaw him, he had companion Luke x. 33 . 
on him. 

O Jefus, the true Samaritan, look upon 
the wounds which fin hath caufed in my 
foul, and have compaflion on me. 

May I always refign my will and my 
defires to him who knows what is good 
for us, better than we ourfelves do. 

Holy Scriptures. 

GIVE me, O God, a fincere love for the 
truths of the gofpel, a teachable heart, and 
an obedient will. 

P erf ever an ce. Finifh, O my God, the 
work of mercy and converfion which Thou 
haft begun in me. 

Save, O Lord Jefus, a foul which Thou 
haft redeemed by thy blood. 

180 Sacra Privata. 

There is no merit in me, O God, to 
attract thy mercy and goodnefs, but only 
my great mifery and blindnefs. May I 
make a fuitable return by an holy life. 

According to the greatnefs of thy good 
nefs, and the multitude of thy mercies, 
look upon me. 

Sanctify my foul and body with thy 
heavenly bleflmgs, that they may be made 
thy holy habitation, and that nothing may 
be found in me, that may offend the eyes 
of thy Majefty. 

Protect and keep me in the midft of 
the dangers of this corrupt world ; and by 
thy light and grace direct me in the way 
to everlafting life, thro Jefus Chrift. 

Morning. I laid me down and flept, 
and rofe again, for the Lord fuftained me. 
BlefTed be the name of the Lord. 

Raife me up, O Lord, at the laft day, 
to life and happinefs everlafting. 

Blefled be the Lord for his mercies re 
newed unto me every morning. 

O that my eyes may ever be fixed upon 
the example that our BlefTed Lord hath 
left us, and that I may daily endeavour 

Sacra Privata. 

to follow him. Amen. 

Night. May the Saviour and Guardian 
of my foul take me under his protection 
this night and evermore. 

Attend upon the Lord without diftr action. 

O holy Spirit of grace, help my infir 
mities, that I may fix my thoughts upon 
my duty ; and that I may ferve Thee with 
all my heart and mind. 

That I may never give way to wander 
ing thoughts, but watch againft them con 

Look upon me, O Lord, and pity me ; 
make me, and let me be thine by the 
choice of my will. 

Make me ferious and thoughtful at all 
times, that I may not fail being fo when 
I attend upon God. 

Let not my heart, O God, be inclined 
to any evil thing. Keep me, O God, 
from every thing that may difpleafe Thee. 
O make me wife unto falvation. 

/ can do all things thro" Chrift, which 
ftrengtheneth me. 

O that I may never forfeit this power 
by prefumption or want of faith. 


I Cor. vii. 

hil. iv. 13. 


John xx. 28. 

. 44. 

Sacra Privata. 

Thomas faid, My Lord and my God. 

Thou art indeed, O Jefus, my Lord, 
for Thou haft redeemed me by thy pre 
cious blood ; Thou art my God, for I am 
dedicated to Thee, and fanctified by thy 

And all that believed were together, and 
had all things common. 

May God grant, that as we are all mem 
bers of the fame body, have one and the 
fame Father, the fame Saviour, the fame 
Spirit, and hope to meet in the fame pa- 
radife ; that we may live in unity and 
godly love, and be charitable according to 
our ability. 

The good Lord grant, that in the day 
of Chrift I may rejoice that I have not run 
in vain, nor laboured in vain. 

Sacra Privata. 

COLLECTS, their Tendency. 

pOMFORTof the Holy Ghoft 


Direftion of the Holy Ghoft . 
Manifold Gifts of the Holy . 


Means of Grace ; Hearing 

Failing . . 

To convert us from Sin . . 

Pardon of Sin and Acceptance 
with God 

To refcue us from Temptation . 
To enable us to do good . . 

To bring us to Glory . 



Mortification . 



Love of God and his Law . 

Heavenly Defires . 

1 Sunday after Af- 

19 after Trinity 

St. Barnabas 

St. Bartholomew, 

St. Luke 

2 Sunday in Advent 
i in Lent 

10 and 23 after Tri 

i in Advent, 

i after Eafter, 

St. Andrew, St. 

James, St. Matth. 
/i 2, 21, 24 after Tri- 
} nity 
\z after Epiphany 

4 in Advent, 

4 after Epiphany, 
1 8 after Trinity 

5 after Eafter, 

i> 9? Jl > n> 17, 25 

after Trinity 

6 after Epiphany 

3 after Earter 

4 after Eafter 

6 and 14 after Trinity 



Sacra Privata. 

Faith right 
Faith firm 

Imitation of Chrift 
Imitation of Saints 

Guarding of Angels, and God s 

Deliverance from Enemies . 
Deliverance from Judgments . 

Support under Afflictions . 

Defence from Evil, and Supply 

of Good 

For Jews, Turks, &c. . . . 

That Minifters may be fit, dili 
gent, and fuccefsful . . 

That the People may be kept in 
Truth, Unity, and Peace . 

7 after Trinity 
St. Thomas, St. Mark 
6 Lent, a after Eafter 
St. Stephen, St. Paul, 
St. Philip and James, 
St. John Baptift, 
Innocents, All Saints 

r 2, 3, 4, 20 after Tri 

St. Michael 

3 in Lent 

4 in Lent 

3, 4 after Epiphany 

8, 15 after Trinity 

(St. Matthias, 
?St. Peter 
(3 in Advent 
tet John 

\St. Simon and Jude, 
/5, 6, 12 after Trinity 

Printed by C. Whittingham, Chifwick.